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  • Porch Stories…

    So …today I’m home from work and just taking a day. I’ve had a completely FULL week and it took more emotional, mental and physical strength than I’ve exerted in quite some time. Sitting and allowing the sun to hit my feet and soak up sun, is just: peaceful. There were transitions for people in […]

  • Feel.

    I guess I could’ve chosen another word this month, for July to focus on, but as a Nation, I believe this is where we are. I chose “Feel“. America is changing. There are many things that have occurred that causes trauma to bring out actions that were once hidden and contained in one space – […]

  • I Am Enough Because I Am Wise.

     I Am  Enough Because I Am Wise. So what does it really mean to be wise? Does being wise mean… to be humble? Does it mean we should consult with someone else who has  good advice, can problem-solve, help us manage our lives better or may give good counsel? Or does it mean simply having […]