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  • Porch Stories…

    So …today I’m home from work and just taking a day. I’ve had a completely FULL week and it took more emotional, mental and physical strength than I’ve exerted in quite some time. Sitting and allowing the sun to hit my feet and soak up sun, is just: peaceful. There were transitions for people in […]

  • My Journal (& Processing Life)…

    I guess I’m back to journaling .. and sharing my heart with you all here…☺️ It’s really a wonderful season I’m in, so I wanted to share here some of those blessings and the mindset God gives me as I make shifts and transitions . Ever felt like you had to go back to the […]

  • Ask , Believe …Receive.

    “Where was grace found in your past when you stepped out on faith? “she asked. “It was a sort of Surrender, she said. “ “This is a word you should seek again and return to that helped manifest your dreams.” I was speaking to a mentor who helped direct me at a special time in […]