My Book : Red Sea Situations

Here’s  what people have to say about Red Sea Situations: Finding Courage in the Deep Seas of Life.

“Very helpful book in facing those life altering decisions that we sometimes want to hide from!! It greatly blessed me!!”~ Anonymous

After reading this book I understand the importance of having courage and faith while continuing on the journey of life. This book is written by a beautiful and blessed woman . ~M. Hicks

~Great book! I was very intigued by the way Mrs. Owens used her own life to touch the life of others, thus giving comfort to those who may have experienced or may be experiencing similar situations. This is a very powerful way to reach the hearts and minds of people. Wonderful writing! Looking forward to more books by this author.~ T. Castro

Jennifer’s new book, Red Sea Situations caused me to examine several areas in my own life. The bible references to Jennifer’s own story will help so many people grappling with the struggles of life. God bless you for being so open and honest with your life. Transparency is true ministry!!! And you are truly a living witness to it. ~K. Webb

Awesome read! This was truly ordained by God. Mrs. Owens shares her struggles, her testimony and her victory. This is an encouragement to anyone who reads. I enjoyed the mini study guides at the end of each chapter.~ Anonymous

“I really enjoyed Red Sea Situations and could relate to a lot of the author’s experiences. I was inspired her courageous journey and transformation to a fully dedicated disciple of Christ.” ~ Anonymous

red sea cover

Grab your own personal copy here  or contact the author for a signed copy! 

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