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Mentor My Sisters

Generations of women (old and young ) are missing out on their calling and purpose in life.

Some of those barriers are missing opportunities to authentically be themselves ; to learn and grow… to FEEL. And have that be ok… and to love themselves.💜

They fail to find meaning and direction in life because they are often distracted from several influencers in their lives.

Who are your influencers?

Are they present ?

Can you hear them?

Do they talk to you?

Can you glean from them?

Come to the place where you are:

1. Affirmed.💜

2. Find Accountability.

2. Find Leadership & Influencers.

3. Offer Mentorship.

4. Find Prayer & Spiritual Support.

5. Cherish Insight & Spiritual Wisdom.

6. Can vent & utilize supportive sister– inner circles.

7. Participate in Self-Care Rituals.

8..Cherish A Unique Way of Prospering In Spiritual & Emotional Growth.

9. A Time to prosper “In Simply Being.”

10. A time to Learn from Synergizing. 💜

On Twitter as @MentorMySisters or at the website/blog

A few of our topics for 2020 have been:

  • Resiliency
  • Motivation (One Word)
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Emotions