A Rose in Bloom.

April 1, and 2nd  at the Hyatt in Tulsa Okla. will be rejuvenating and completely refreshing for your soul. Please come out to our b conference for women with a spiritual reflection as well as a soulful connection.


Roses are beautiful. We all know this. However what does one know about becoming beautiful in the process it takes to become as beautiful as a rose?

We all have a certain delicacy to be ourselves and it’s important to tune into our delicate nature and be fully aware of what it means to be a women and secure in our emotions, our beliefs , our thoughts and even our social circles.

We have to prioritize those needs because they help us to feel loved, appreciated and accepted; even by ourselves. There’s an emotional balance, if you will – to being complete.

There are times when the beauty  of prioritizing ourselves in this manner comes with a cost, and usually that can be costly to our  lifestyle, our intimate nature and our connections with self and others .

One of the things I have noticed in my study of “becoming beautiful” internally and externally purposed and intentional in my personal life, is that there will sometime be thorns that sway us from developing into that delicate  rose.

Roses have thorns that develop, as well. They begin looking not very dangerous, then open and sort of stay uncovered, for a very good reason. The thorns often protect the rose when it’s growing.

Yet how and why is something so beautiful and delicate often untouchable?

Thorns can be actually be a blessing, it appears  -protecting the rose   from animals eating  and devouring them. Yet if you think about it, even humans are less likely to pick them when there are thorns.

If something will cost me pain, I may try to avoid it at all costs . However maybe that’s the beauty of roses. The unavoidable pain, can perhaps cause a growth and security within, that  teaches us in ways unimaginable. And when you fully take in their beauty,  from simply observing, you are able to appreciate them all the more fully.

That is our hope for you .

This April  2016, we are going to celebrate women and share our greatest insights, come to a greater awareness of the truth  and beauty and blessing of being a woman in all her fullness. Full bloom. And in the process, you will hear  and receive some of the advantages of  ” blooming process  ” that is quite natural, and we often resist.

We hope you will be present for it because it’s a conference like none other. It’s three women speaking truths about life. Spiritual and natural truths about overcoming obstacles that attempt to or prevent us from reaching our dreams. This conference speaks to the do’s and the dont’s, the hesitations and uncomfort, and of course, the unspoken.

I believe this quote by G. Deoudis sums it up:

Roses and thorns are parts of the same plant. Somehow though, some people are concerned mainly about the roses. The rose is not on the plant for more than a week, but the thorns are there forever.
Roses are teaching that the beauty of life will bloom, once you have taught yourself the lessons given by living with the thorns.”

Grigoris Deoudis

Email us for more informations out the conference, below. jennrene.owens@icloud.com



Counterbalancing Self-Trust.

I’ve been studying words that have to do with the word CONQUER. Conquer is my word for 2016 Conquering isn’t an easy task; and it requires perseverance, diligence and ” sticktuitiveness”, of you will . However it helps to know exactly why you are taking such a strong stance with something; you believe in, but also to take a stand, believing.

In my book: “Red Sea Situations“, I talk about Your stance” involves:” a way of being placed” everything about your STANCE involves your public opinion and how you choose to “be”; when adversity strikes or when you desire something really badly. I tend to decide how I am going to be”when something hits me .Even if that something is unexpected.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when things happen I didnt expect I decide at that moment in time – how I will stand. It may even take a few weeks for my mind and soul to catch up with the decision, but I have decided usually in the beginning ‘why’ I shall endure it.

One thing I desire this year is to work on my coaching practice and “actively engage” in helping others reach their personal and professional goals. My counterbalance challenge  stands here, with having an equal weight and force, and equal influence to help me achieve the goals before me.  As I help them, I help myself. That’s what I am thinking . Therefore , I need a PLAN about how I am to accomplish the task before me. I strategize. I predict. I proclaim. As I continue to weigh my options with this word: Counterbalance…. I find The word counterbalance is defined as an intellectual or emotional attitude.

(Whoa! That blew me away: I didn’t even know you could have an emotional attitude!)

And having an emotional attitude implies one ‘taking action or having a mental state.’ About something that is a fact. Something that is true.

And usually if it’s the truth, it’s something that I can definitely  stand upon as a fact and find define reward in, as I walk it out.

So what’s your emotional attitude when tragedy or any other unexpected calamity strikes in your life? Can you turn with the tide? Or do you fall away a the sidelines with every whim and worry?

This except was taken from — my book “Red Sea Situations”.

“We often do not understand God’s higher purpose, so we fight against His will. We struggle and contend within ourselves, and often find ourselves in a more devastating place than we were before because we did not simply yield. I once attempted to explain this to my husband, and he asked: “How do I do that?”

And I responded, “We yield by saying, ‘Lord I surrender. I accept this situation despite my desires, wants, and hopes deferred…Lord I allow your divine intervention to take over and take control in my life… right now.”

It takes almost every ounce of strength you have to trust God when your paradigm is challenged to shift in another direction. The ‘new’ and ‘unexpected’ often causes fear and doubt, and causes one to be leery, perturbed, or to have several reservations.

What if in every situation or new challenge you faced you decided to:

a.) Take stock of the good and the bad surrounding you.

b.) Consider the positive results and the negative results.

c.) Consider what’s most important.

d.) Prioritize what you need most in that moment, not what you want.

e.) Decide how you will stand.

I  guarantee you,  your outlook  will  be   immesely  different. Remember, you MUST make a decision.

Not making a decision IS making a decision.

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Wearing My Life Gear

Well, I think I did it. I found a word that should’nt involve  too much struggle right? Conquer . It’s my word for  2016.

You ever been scuba diving? (Well, maybe that isn’t a good example.) but then again, it’s life gear. And sometimes we need “emotional life gear.” I’ve never been scuba diving, but I have been to Six Flags on the ride you know the one that’s takes you all the way to the top, then drops you really fast? Free Fall. That’s the name…

Well, even though you know the ride and know what to expect, you are TOTALLY in, because of the excitement that lies ahead.

That’s me in 2016. I’m all in, even if this word was not the best pick! So… I did my homework …and the  word Conquer is like a  good monster, indeed.

Conquer: means – to gain, win, or obtain by effort.  To subdue.

Uh Oh – I may have mistook its power!

However, this is one that resonates from a year of being fully engaged in a well won battle – of ENDURANCE   and that has  given me a sense of challenge, of excitement and empowerment ALL at the same time!

Life Lesson: Life is conquered by  the bravery we have in saying 

Come on 2016! Bring it On!




I’m self determined. Yeah, that didn’t come easy though. It took a few great leaps of faith. It was the spring of 2005, and I was in  rat race for time. I was determined to move onward my life, and relocate to Maryland. I was almost done with my divorce and I needed to breathe. And my breathing became very very labored, as I was  preparing to leave Syracuse, N.Y.

Self determination began for me, with a HUGE commitment to myself that I would never again get in a relationship that was going nowhere. No promises, no commitments, no effort. And that was  the first self -commitment . I held onto that, until later that October of 2005, until later that year, God messed up my plans .

The second determined fact was  – that I needed a new  start. A new job and a better and more intriguing place to live . I had friends in Md. And surely with the money I’d saved, I could truly begin anew.

I remember it clearly.

I wrote down my dreams . Where I wanted to go… and  I ” built a spiritual  altar…” – so to speak… I placed it right above my head,  so it was the first thing I saw when I awakened,  in my lofty bedroom, nI lived in with  two  college roommates in  Hamilton, N.Y.   I would awaken and the first thing I would do, was  pray.   I began to thank (God) and I worshiped Him for where I was going. I began to affirm highly with thanksgivings into God where I was going to go. I’d  read my card,  give thanks and proclaim it as a prosperous place.

With the  cultural  holiday of Kwaanza , they call self -determination: “Kuji-cha-gulia”. After what was entirely messy year – I  was almost at the end of  2005, and had ended up taking on three part time jobs  ( at the same time)  to  survive, and was about to  lose my apartment. ‘

I was  in  a very agitated and  anxious state.  I had just met my husband to be, and didn’t  even know it.  He would call me daily and pray with me.  At that  time, he had resorted to just be my friend, and pray with me, since I was a having a hard time. I had  told myself  that  I would   have to move back to N.Y. if I didn’t  find a cheaper  apt.  And…  then it just happened.  Every think I spoke into existence   eight months earlier, just started happening. One after the other.  The job, the home, the  increase in pay… etc. My  husband to be became  the love of my life that October,  and six months later I relocated to Texas with an even better paying job. But  here is all the misfortune that occurred before  that  happened: my money bottomed out , I quit the $7 dollar an hour job ; lost  a few   of my friends; and failed  the test I thought would help me find a better paying job. I was all alone, at one point,  but I was okay with that. I had been alone with God before.

But I learned something about myself and …God. That you have to believe in your dreams.  Not matter what bottoms out, you still have to keep dreaming. And just when it appears those dreams won’t manifest , God will come through.

The Life Lesson:

God comes through because He’s so pleased you believed in Him and in your  belief in His ability to pull  you through.

Vision Casting.

It began with an invitation. I could have said no, and in fact , I did.

But then I thought to myself : “What are you doing!”
You see, FEAR took a back seat, yesterday. It had taken six months of my year last year, as well. I cam home and wrote an outline for s program I have been wanting to write for several months.
My friend calls and invites me, I think about all the change and NEW experiences required and I think: (Wow.. I dunno.) It’s a leap.
I thought of the leader of this vision, her humility, her joy and her wisdom again , and I just couldn’t rationalize it away. I though about it, jumped mommy car and then showed up for everyone else .. My tribe . They people I dream pinwheeling every day of my life . But even more so.. Those who are in my future and need new encouragment.

In that moment it didn’t matter we didn’t have a full plan. What mattered was that I was energized living lifen on purpose and  I was passion-filled. That’s all that mattered.
The conversation lasted that night til we were well into 4 hours and  I left, pumped. I even came home and wrote a vision I had  embedded  in the depths of my soul for years,  and  brought to the surface of my heart in only  a few hours.

Life Lesson:

I learned something about myself last night: “I’m so brave!”

100 Meaningful Moments

I  found myself hash-tagging beautiful moments of gratefulness  the other day on Instagram and a bit on Facebook; and decided to share a few here, as well. Follow me at @iamjennrene on Instagram, and http://www.facebook.com/redseacourage

Meaningful Moment  #1 Dusk.

So dusk is a wonderful moment as a day ends that’s often more noticeable in the winter. It’s also most beautiful in the winter. You can see the beauty, because it’s so there, so present. So meaningful because you would miss it if you blink. I enjoy dusk mostly because I anticipate what’s  next: my special time with hubby as we wind down in the evening, we eat, we rest together watch a movie, and talk about the highlights of our  day. #100meaningfulmoments

Meaningful Moment #2 Dawn:

Dawn is like Dusk, but not really. They are the same because the light bounces of the buildings in hues and everything is sacred for a few good moments; but after dawn settles, life gets busy. After dusk settles they stay rather quiet and serene. I guess it just depends where you are; and then it as  you retires, it subsides . Dawn rises and rejuvenates, and dusk allows you to quietly settle in for the night. I have to admit, I enjoy nob thong them in the winter, because they are more noticeable . There’s no trees or dogs or  not even many cars in the way, at all.

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