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100 Meaningful Moments

I  found myself hash-tagging beautiful moments of gratefulness  the other day on Instagram and a bit on Facebook; and decided to share a few here, as well. Follow me at @iamjennrene on Instagram, and

Meaningful Moment  #1 Dusk.

So dusk is a wonderful moment as a day ends that’s often more noticeable in the winter. It’s also most beautiful in the winter. You can see the beauty, because it’s so there, so present. So meaningful because you would miss it if you blink. I enjoy dusk mostly because I anticipate what’s  next: my special time with hubby as we wind down in the evening, we eat, we rest together watch a movie, and talk about the highlights of our  day. #100meaningfulmoments

Meaningful Moment #2 Dawn:

Dawn is like Dusk, but not really. They are the same because the light bounces of the buildings in hues and everything is sacred for a few good moments; but after dawn settles, life gets busy. After dusk settles they stay rather quiet and serene. I guess it just depends where you are; and then it as  you retires, it subsides . Dawn rises and rejuvenates, and dusk allows you to quietly settle in for the night. I have to admit, I enjoy nob thong them in the winter, because they are more noticeable . There’s no trees or dogs or  not even many cars in the way, at all.

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