Sometimes life is just like worth living for the moment. Sometimes presence is what’s most important.

Just being with someone.

Taking a moment to appreciate someone and tell them in the moment they are appreciated, slowing down the earth and in real-time choosing “ to be still”, to be intentional and to rest, with someone you love….is real talk.

I expressed this need and desire to my husband the other day and the moment was really intimate and I felt close to him like I had not felt in quite a while. My life had been so busy “doing” from day to day, prior. It was time to notice each other. We need to spend time noticing each other. Feeling and discerning in still places.

Not allowing noise to feel spaces that are important all the time. Just choosing to take in solitude.

I took this photo while in the park: walking, appreciating, sensing, smelling, thinking and being. It’s been one of my favorite photos in some time. Quite possibly due to the fact I chose to ‘calm my world’ and just be.

Take some time with yourself, a loved one, a friend and be still together. Trust the magic that happens thereafter.



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