South Africa.

South Africa was a really fun place to be. Smiles everywhere… from the people and not just small smirks or blushes but bright, shining smiles that were pure joy!

For faces light up after years of oppression, death and sadness showed me that people were really blessed find a secret joy that made them feel alive and free. I would think after years of the suppression and oppression, that people would have loads of residue that would still exist- ten years after apartheid.

And they did.. there were several signs of poverty and the shantytowns I saw that were built from tin and had several holes in them that kept out light, but not the cold.

Yet these smiling faces never kept showing up .. they were inspiring, hopeful and helpful. Even to me, when I was going through an imminent divorce. I cam truly say,  the  people in this  place inspired, rejuvenated, and  sparked my joy, once  again.

Thanks, South Africa.

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