What’s the Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration ?

How can you tell when you have been motivated and then.. inspired?

I did an exercise today and noted a few things that motivated me; first, then I asked myself what about those five things caused me to be INSPIRED??

  • children
  •  families
  •  hope
  • creativity
  • love

 What INSPIRES ME about the FIVE SUBJECTS – Is that children being successful, …achieving; children who grow up to be adults and they break generational curses! Children who decide they will live better, stronger lives than those before them.

 Families nurturing one another; families with high esteem; families that make other families by examples
Hope – hope giving; hope in culture hope for  another 100 years by the lives we led before them. hope by example , courageous hope , inspirational hope that lasts inspires creativity.

And creativity inspires ME.  It helps me laugh, helps me to trust myself on another level. It helps me  stand  with my head held high; and it helps me stand with pride and look back on my culture with love and high esteem.

I just came back from The National African American Museum in Washington, DC and BOY was I inspired! So proud of the gift in storytellers and historians and curators…because to tell stories, and share stories of empowerment and to inform and tell history… what a leah at they have left for several African American people. To know the truth and allow it to make you free..wow because where would we be without it!

The National Mall in Washington, DC

Oh and here is what inspires me about LOVE…

Love inspires me how it GIVES ME JOY; 

Love helps me feel whole.

Love helps me treat others unconditionally.

3 responses to “What’s the Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration ?”

  1. Stuart Danker Avatar

    I like how you differentiate between the two. I too try to keep track of what motivates and inspires me, because having more of those things in my life can’t be bad. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. The Blessedness of Being. Avatar

      you’re welcome Stuart! Thanks for commenting!


    2. The Blessedness of Being. Avatar

      You’re welcome! my pleasure!. Motivation seems to move me. Inspiration seems to make me contemplate deeper.


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