Embracing & Seeking Insulation, Not isolation.

We all need to learn how to embrace a bit closer those we love. I’m just going to say this: Two people of meaning and great value to those I love , shockingly died this week.

I’m not even sure when you listen to my podcast below things will change for you in any way; however – Consider this: There is a ‘seeking’ that is quite relative in today’s society. Seeking insulation preserves the soul.

In a day where “ suddenlies” happen frequently – we all need to consider the state of our soul:!our mind, will and emotions. Knowing what we think, feel and believe about every aspect of life is critical to our well-being in other hat we remain present to our lives and remain aware.

i’ve never found a need to be so ‘aware’. Awake. Pensive. Considerate of my life, if those I love, of where I fit in and how I maintain my lot, as much as I am aware of this, today. Maybe it’s due to ‘Covid happenings’, maybe it’s a need for a connection with myself. Maybe the urgency of needing to communicate my love to loved ones matters , as well.

To Embrace means: :

1) a close encircling with the arms and pressure to the chest especially as a sign of affection : HUG/ 2: GRIP, ENCIRCLEMENT/3: ACCEPTANCE.

Practice acceptance in light of everything.

Everything matters.

It always did. Especially now that we realize a loved one can be here today, and gone tomorrow.

Read my podcast on “Seeking Insulation not Isolation”. – https://anchor.fm/iamjennrene/episodes/Seek-Insulation–Not-Isolation-ec68jr/a-a1qic2v