Embracing & Seeking Insulation, Not isolation.

We all need to learn how to embrace a bit closer those we love. I’m just going to say this: Two people of meaning and great value to those I love , shockingly died this week.

I’m not even sure when you listen to my podcast below things will change for you in any way; however – Consider this:

There is a ‘seeking’ within, that is quite relative in this day and time. Seeking insulation preserves the soul.

In a day where “ suddenlies” happen frequently – we all need to consider the state of our soul. (Our mind, will and emotions. ) Knowing what we think, feel and believe about every aspect of life is critical to our well-being . Take a few seconds of every day to remain present to our lives, remain aware and being grateful.

I have never found such a need to be so ‘aware’. Awake. Pensive. Considerate of my life, of those around me, those I love, of where I fit in, and how I maintain my lot, as much as I am aware, today. Maybe it’s due to ‘Covid happenings’, maybe it’s a need for a connection with myself. Even the awareness of needing to communicate my love to loved ones matters , as well.

To Embrace means: :

1) a close encircling with the arms and pressure to the chest especially as a sign of affection : HUG 2: grip, encirclement /3: ACCEPTANCE.

Take some time to embrace. Take in your surroundings, spend time on your mama’s or friend’s porch, Practice acceptance in light of everything that is going on around you.

Everything matters.

It always did. Especially now that we realize a loved one can be here today, and gone tomorrow.

Read my podcast on “Seeking Insulation not Isolation”. – https://anchor.fm/iamjennrene/episodes/Seek-Insulation–Not-Isolation-ec68jr/a-a1qic2v

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