My Table …nurturing once again…

I wrote a blog post about my table a while ago. It was the end of a special time. We’d come to nine years of living inTulsa, Ok. and I had to let go of some precious cargo.

My favorite table . We had to part. I revived this photo after I left from my pastor reporting she’d finally placed it in her kitchen. I decided since she had given so freely into my life, I needed to return the blessing. It took a lot of thought of who I’d share it with.

I was happy to see the table had begun a new life. A new era.

New stories , new experiences and new blessed times. It’s heard many of them. The most special thing though is the bonding that shall continue. When the table is full and our bellies as well, we shine. We reminisce. These are the best rendezvous. And with them there must always be bread and tea. (But of course!)

Perhaps I love big tables for the unique spreads of food that can fit on them, the Thanksgiving dinners, the cozy corners you can make of them, and the special memories. Not to mention the way the light bounces off of them in the evening light.

Thank you, table, for your blessings and memories. Ase’.


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