Blessedness : the state of being blessed with divine favor.

I’ve been creating more of an ambiance of peace. It involves yoga, meditation, practicing stillness, and quiet. I’ve learned when I take care of my being; I thrive. I become my best self.

I’m not certain anyone told me this, it just occurred. And so I’ve decided the best way to be should involve : care of my soul. My mind , will and emotions . You see, I used to be really depressed. And I found out when I placed everyone’s well-being before my own, I faltered. I became stressed out, depressed, depleted, and downright sad. So I decided to change that a few years back.

And I did a lot of following of blogs and people – mostly women, who wrote about it and just followed their lives and expressed it with purpose.. It was intentional. One wrote about photography , which I loved, and another wrote about her spiritual life and I considered those two to be most priority at the time. All were authors .

What Is it about my mind will, and emotions ? Well, all are pretty important . And all three are attached to my heart. I suppose that’s why I consider them to coincide with my internal peace, so well.

Loving this life I’m living in a blessed way. Join me as I settle into it, with great expression.


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