Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth!

In this crazy world where freedoms seem to be changing and lessening, and life seems to be challenged on every side, don’t neglect yourself in practicing necessary freedoms – like finding joy in nature dancing to awesome music; cherishing family and loved ones- and just watching fireworks .



Spark Joy.

Spend quality time with loved ones.


Eat ice cream.

Smile at People.

Receive smiles from others.

You’re so worth it.

And don’t allow anyone to take away that spark that’s in you. It’s just a good think to have vitality and strength. Keep the flame going. Don’t take it for granted .



Yesterday I had a meaningful conversation with my Pastor, Pastor Mike, Pastor of Transformation Church, in Tulsa Oklahoma. Today’s post is just giving honor where honor is due.

Pastor Mike and I have attended the same church for several years; even before he became pastor . His ability to rally up youth and bring them together in worship of a God they couldn’t see, was tremendous. Most of all, he keeps you laughing. He uses humor to the glory of God, quite unabashedly.☺️

It was awesome to just reflect on years of his service and how his messages have helped shape and transform my life, and my husbands life. This year has been a challenging one , and I’m grateful for Mike & Natalie Todd and how they’ve helped sustain our faith .

My church communities have been literal shelters when I’ve been so far away from my own family of origin ( In New York- where I’m from); and just being able to know people who are in right relationship with God and love us as family has been an encouragement to our hearts and souls

Together, my husband and I have worshipped together on a praise team, led Celebrate Recovery we’ve taught in leadership classes on communication, visited those in mental health facilities, coached lay persons in the church in dynamic ways.

It’s been instrumental in our own faith and how we have grown ourselves .

Thankful for our pastor his wife and family. They are awesome pillars for our church family , and our faith .

Thankful for this journey, and this season. Thankful for a people who love their Lord with all their heart mind, soul and strength. ❤️

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time i turned fifty .

This beautiful chandelier was at a Air B& B home we rented  on my 50th Birthday😍 for a weekend and just chilled out relaxing in it. It was in the country, in Oklahoma. But I loved it. Never considered myself a country girl. But the laid-blackness and old charm gave me a nostalgic feelin’. And the chandelier and art inside the old home just gave me warm fuzzies.

You see, I’m realizing life in my fifties is defining a new me. I was afraid to make a decision today, that involved my future . And I started thinking- Wow, do I want this!?

…Or this?

Becoming 50….was like a huge deal! And then came 51 and 52 wasn’t far away… my fifties have caused me to look at life so differently.

i mean just the other day I was thinking about what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. And I thought about pursuing professional goals. I realized with all my experience I could take some tall strides and reach for more. Or I could begin to build towards my dream .

And the dream is paramount, right now. Then I remembered who I’m partnered with and realizes he has a dream quite similar to my own.

So… the dream wins .

I guess for me.. the fifties are all about me. And being me is a challenging job sometimes. Where I find joy and what makes me smile is what I will partake of more… and that’s pretty cool for me, right now. Fifties are defining me.

And… i am so cool with that!


Great Question!

Yes…I love thinking and asking questions.

Perhaps asking questions have been my pathway to self- reflection and self- evaluation, personal growth and change.

Possibly a lot more so now that I am married to a man who loves the questioning – even more than me. (smile)

God values our minds. Engaging with HIm and bringing him into our decisions should be a regular practice of ours.
It makes a HUGE difference when when we bring God into our thought life.
I believe I am as successful as I am in life – it’s due to my conversations I have with God.
Listen in and see what Pastor Steph says about it. Listen Here: When Jesus Meets You in Your Thought Life.”

‘God questions us and and considers our innermost tought. How do we engage Him?”