My Table is the Centerpiece.

So I’m not certain if the last post allowed any feelings to come to you or not…. but I love colors and centerpieces. They’re what makes a table Shine!

I love the fabrics that grace a table that make it open and inviting.

I invite you here.

So…this is my table. I love to talk about life, and fun insights  that God gives as we walk through this thing called “LIFE.”

Please join me.

I am Jennifer – and at my table , conversations could range from amazing life lessons  to wonderful stories I hear along the way.  I have been in my lifetime a diversity trainer, a social worker, an entrepreneur in life coaching, an author, a book coach, a friend and confidante, a sister, a mother, a storyteller, a writer, and my latest has been in the field of chaplaincy.

Don’t worry… I won’t preach, too much. But I will share stories of grace, redemption and life stories with God often being the center . And hopefully you find peace in these stories and find a similar story.

Thanks for joining me.



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