Life is Good.

I haven’t quite figured out what this post is about yet, but I loved this picture and wanted to post it.

.. I’ll let you know.☺️

Where does the goodness come out of life? Is it in your friendships? Your health? Is your happiness found in your heart?

Is it with your family?

Is it with your career?

I searched for Happiness for a long time. I realized Happiness was not something both look for in relationships so much with others unless they help mentor and feed and nurture you and you can return that favor.

I’ve learned that goodness from life comes from self-care. Self care can be magical if you give it time and commitment. It often requires self- evaluation and self – examination. And it requires goal-setting and self- determination.

Take a look at my Kamau Meditative series on Motivation and let me know if anything your hear sparks joy for you.

If it does, like Marie Kondo says : Do it!

Spark Joy!

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