Is Grace A Place?

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I’ve often wondered :

Is Grace A Place?

These photos were taken looking out into the city of Tulsa Oklahoma one morning as I sat at work and contemplated my new career and future.

I thought to myself: Can a place where you live be graced with benefits for living and work for you personally, to the degree your lifestyle changes to suit you, you are able to feel happier, lighter and more fulfilled in your purpose?

I’d say yes.

I’ve been living in place I was not initially interested in living; but God graces me so much with a life I love living, the beauty of a small time feel, wonderful parks and nature, as well as a place that gifted me with a new career I never imagined I’d ever have.

I have worked in the field of social work for about 27 years. After some contemplation, I realized that I He time in that field was becoming a bit ‘comfortable’ for me. I realized with time I needed some new and fresh and even prayed for it. Sometime later, a chaplaincy program in Tulsa was offered to me, with a residency and full time stipend. It was a program I couldn’t resist. I said yes, and a new career began.

With this blessing, came more opportunity and a happier life. none of this began without a bit of self-evaluation, honesty and prayer. I suggest you consider the same question.

Be on the move, in your city. Take advantage of where you live and the purpose for why you’re there.

Be Active.

Do the Work.



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