My Table is the Centerpiece.

So I’m not certain if the last post allowed any feelings to come to you or not…. but I love colors and centerpieces. They’re what makes a table Shine!

I love the fabrics that grace a table that make it open and inviting.

I invite you here.

So…this is my table. I love to talk about life, and fun insights  that God gives as we walk through this thing called “LIFE.”

Please join me.

I am Jennifer – and at my table , conversations could range from amazing life lessons  to wonderful stories I hear along the way.  I have been in my lifetime a diversity trainer, a social worker, an entrepreneur in life coaching, an author, a book coach, a friend and confidante, a sister, a mother, a storyteller, a writer, and my latest has been in the field of chaplaincy.

Don’t worry… I won’t preach, too much. But I will share stories of grace, redemption and life stories with God often being the center . And hopefully you find peace in these stories and find a similar story.

Thanks for joining me.



The Value Of The Table.

This is my table at home.

If you have a table at home, it’s likely much happens around that table. Or, if you’re like me in the past few months, things have piled up on it, like books and magazines and … “stuff”.

I’ve decided this year to honor my table, at home.

It’s so dear to me. It’s been in my life now for about ten years, and it’s still holding 💪🏾 strong.

This means to invite folk to sit at it, to do rituals around my table, and to have great conversation around it as well.

It was a few weeks before it was actually up and ‘present’ in my new place. And boy, did i miss it!

I love my table.

It’s wooden and large, and it’s quite spectacular. I’ve had friends there, meals there, great conversation and dinners there with friends and family, and it’s just been a great gathering place for us. Change has happened at that table.
Marriage work, has been a focus – here, as well. Prayers and blessings have been given and good writing has even been accomplished with friends, at this table.

At work I have a table too, and there I receive great wisdom from my peer pastors, presenters and chaplains. Unbelievable memories exist as we determine outcomes around that table, and I gather a certain excitement even before I reach it. I’ve met new people and crossed paths with persons I may have never met had I not sat down and chose to walk this process out I’ll never forget some of those conversations as they have given me a spiritual maturity that has helped me recognize what really matters and makes me fulfilled in life.

The fact that so much growth happens has opened me up to new possibilities, and quite honestly it’s been making me be quite conscious about the interactions that happens around other tables in my life.

It’s so interesting that it’s symbolic for the places we receive, refresh, replenish & re-energize – what was once on a tree, is not something I also use to symbolize my personal, professional, and spiritual growth. The fact it’s so connected to nature and to my sense of peace and ‘groundedness’ are symbolic , as well.

What grounds you? Is it similar to an object, like a table? Is it a place? Or a certain feel you get when you have that wonderful sense of nostalgia?

This is my place. would love to know what’s yours. Just respond below.

I’ll continue to share with you those places and pictures in the next few blog posts.

Below is a pic I took in a park in Tulsa called The Gathering Place. Just sharing because it’s such a big wonderful, table in an open park and invites community, right smack dab in a big, beautiful city with lots of nature surrounding it.

( I also simply adore the fact it’s outside.☺️😉)

This was the first table I was going to use…at a community park, but I decided to simply use my own.

Life is Good.

I haven’t quite figured out what this post is about yet, but I loved this picture and wanted to post it.

.. I’ll let you know.☺️

Where does the goodness come out of life? Is it in your friendships? Your health? Is your happiness found in your heart?

Is it with your family?

Is it with your career?

I searched for Happiness for a long time. I realized Happiness was not something both look for in relationships so much with others unless they help mentor and feed and nurture you and you can return that favor.

I’ve learned that goodness from life comes from self-care. Self care can be magical if you give it time and commitment. It often requires self- evaluation and self – examination. And it requires goal-setting and self- determination.

Take a look at my Kamau Meditative series on Motivation and let me know if anything your hear sparks joy for you.

If it does, like Marie Kondo says : Do it!

Spark Joy!

Is Grace A Place?

J.Owens (@jennselah) instapost:

I’ve often wondered :

Is Grace A Place?

These photos were taken looking out into the city of Tulsa Oklahoma one morning as I sat at work and contemplated my new career and future.

I thought to myself: Can a place where you live be graced with benefits for living and work for you personally, to the degree your lifestyle changes to suit you, you are able to feel happier, lighter and more fulfilled in your purpose?

I’d say yes.

I’ve been living in place I was not initially interested in living; but God graces me so much with a life I love living, the beauty of a small time feel, wonderful parks and nature, as well as a place that gifted me with a new career I never imagined I’d ever have.

I have worked in the field of social work for about 27 years. After some contemplation, I realized that I He time in that field was becoming a bit ‘comfortable’ for me. I realized with time I needed some new and fresh and even prayed for it. Sometime later, a chaplaincy program in Tulsa was offered to me, with a residency and full time stipend. It was a program I couldn’t resist. I said yes, and a new career began.

With this blessing, came more opportunity and a happier life. none of this began without a bit of self-evaluation, honesty and prayer. I suggest you consider the same question.

Be on the move, in your city. Take advantage of where you live and the purpose for why you’re there.

Be Active.

Do the Work.



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