What I Gleaned from Autumn, 2018.

So I read this on Emily Freeman’s site and linked up with a bunch of other writers because this fall 2018 has been most profound for me.

Here’s the link: https://emilypfreeman.com/what-we-learned-fall-2018/

Now it’s your turn! What did you learn this fall?

I read this on a blog recently.

I’m new to a chaplaincy residency, and this autumn has been most enlightening. My chaplaincy has enlighten me; although not all the lessons have come from its practice.

1. I am learning how to touch the heart of people. When someone begins sharing their hearts, listen. You may have been the only one who has heard it. Ever.

Being able to pray for people’s hearts is such a privilege and through intercession I believe God reaches for them; and for me. I suppose that is most intriguing.

2. I have learned that lamenting is not a bad thing. Too often we can’t handle people and their complaints or their sadness. It’s so therapeutic for someone to vent. Why aren’t our hearts and heads and ears available to listen sometimes? That’s all David did in the Bible and the Psalms are the most favorite refuge for people who lament and grieve while enduring pain and sorrow

3. I have learned to “bear witness” to life, situations and people in pain. Pain can be a Teacher.

Everyone needs someone. And we all need a cause to support and have compassion for that breaks our heart and gives us a burden to bear. It keeps you in touch with humanity. Just being present with someone or showing support by being present can encourage the soul. I couldn’t walk long distance, ( due to my leg injury this past autumn), but I “stood ” against trafficking against women and girls this Autumn. I was present for them. And that mattered.

4. I have learned I hate division. I hate when communities are ripped apart and people ravage communities and races and undervalue lives. And I learned my light burns brighter now, for those harmed in communities when there is division and discord.

5. Word to the wise: Receive.

Make things easier on yourself by doing something that sounds good, feels good and IS GOOD for you. Life is too short. I’m learning to receive . That i need to treat my friends to my company and vice versa.

6. I have learned a New Kind of Courage

See this link and listen in.

7. Wow, so I’m learning so much. I guess another thing I’ve learned is how much transparency breeds authentic relationships. My husband and I have grown so much over the past three months & I believe a lot of it has been due to our transparency and real was shared in terms of where we are in life.

8. Perhaps the last lesson I’ve gained has to be patient with myself. (That’s the hardest, lesson, actually. ) I am NOT very patient with myself. At all. In a perfectionist, so I often criticize myself before anyone else gets a chance to. I’ve been particularly hard on myself about receiving. Let’s say this is an elaboration of lesson learned number (5A.)

It’s also my word for 2018. Receiving. As if I’ve had this intentional goal of working on Receiving this year.. well, no .. I haven’t . I SAID I would, but I was not AS intentional as I could have been. Which means I haven’t quite finished working on this goal in its entirety.

Why do I do this to myself, right? (Pick crazy-risky words to follow throughout the year, then not fulfill them like I’d like to, as personal goals?)

Well, in truth everyone makes mistakes. I guess as much as I learn to practice self-compassion, then I’ll know how to “Receive”.

I still; however, would not say I have failed at this goal.

I would like to say much of it is still in action.

This is what RECEIVING means:

“be given, be presented with, be awarded. “

So how cool …wow – God wants to reward me with something and I have trouble receiving?!! How absurd, right?

(I know.)

Who has trouble receiving awards , right?


(And I’ll leave that right there.)

So this is a lesson still in process.

But I’m learning receiving involves the ability to acquiesce and be compassionate and grateful while at the same time enjoying the ‘gifts and rewards’ while also enjoying the success of your accomplishments. In other words don’t be so accomplishment ‘driven’ – you fail to smell the 🌹 roses of your success. And THAT, I have to practice more.

Well that was number eight, and so now I’m done with the lessons from 🍂 Autumn.

Thanks, Autumn.


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