Contemplations of a Chaplain on (Self).

In the places where I am most transparent with Self, I find strength & resiliency. I am learning what I think really matters. I am learning that people have an inner compass they can trust to bring them through any adversity, and they only need to tap into that strength to make it happen.

I have learned this after finishing my first unit of chaplaincy. There is something given to being in complete transparency with those you trust. It rids shame, confusion and brings about a certain clarity, & depth of character. If you want to work on becoming more authentic, choose to be transparent, and share your life with those who need change. Show them how you’ve overcome. Gather together and learn from one another.

Trust God.

Through God, trust people, authentically.

Get to know yourself . Spend time with you. Be honest with yourself.

Bring your realness to the table and then push restart and begin again.

Rid yourself the shame, and celebrate the good, in life. Shame takes away your sense of positive pride. It crushes your reputation and your integrity. One can rebuild their integrity by choosing to be better and live better very intentionally. Don’t allow what others think of you to mold you.
Allow God to transform you from the inside out. Receive His Grace His mercy, His love. And forgive yourself and go on.

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