Interesting I call this blog post:” Jennifer”. When I’m gonna share so much about my mom. this photo is me when I was about ten years old. I am committing even if i don’t do very well, to blog or at least try to blog daily.

I sent this to my mom and she smiles , I am certain. I smile because there was still a bit of spark there.. in that little girl. A bit of spunk.

I was a little girl that loved school, my teachers ( because I was a teacher’s pet, loved reading books, loved being the youngest child, and loved my family.

At this time is my life my dads drinking had begun to get a bit stronger, and the family was beginning to flounder.

But the little girl in me remembers.

What do I remember?

I remember playing games outside, moms Halloween parties for me, hanging with my cousins and laughing outside while riding my bike and playing. My mom did everything to salvage “the little girl in me”. Below is a poem I wrote her on her retirement of 27 .5 years as a teacher in the Rochester City School District.

A Mother’s Love

What joy is given

What peace it brings

To know the love I have within

Has come from such a gracious source,

Passed on generations long,

Kept me …when I could not go on…

What has this love done for me?

This love.. Tero’s love –

Has helped me to survive struggles,

And to surrender to Gods embrace.

This love, Tero’s love –

Has taught me how to respect and honor others despite their shortcomings,

This love, Tero’s love-

Has taught me that unconditional love brings the greatest comfort and trust.

This love, Tero’s love –

Has weathered many storms,

Has caused me to mount up with wings as eagles,

Has caused me stand form-footed upon my high places.

This love, Tero’s love – is a love of God.

A love that has prepared a place for me,

A love that has saved my marriage,

Helped me to grow strong, patient and endure,

A love that has become a treasure,

My own children shall enjoy as a heritage in the Lord.

This love, Tero’s love –

Cannot be replaced,

It has made me secure, complete and has made me whole …again.

This love, Tero’s love – is God’s love.

It never fails.

By JennRene Owens

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