Chaplain Contemplations: Freedom.

I was trying to think of what walking in my calling looks like. So I began to think about for the first time in my life, my ” heart feels full.”

I mean, I get this full feeling sometimes to the point I cannot even explain the emotion, and then I emotionally feel as if I’m about to explode …with sheer joy.

It’s happened more than once. It really has.

And just recently I looked up the definition of heart”; in the Vines dictionary and found this which so explicitly explains my feelings…

Heart is referred to as:

  1. The seat of physical life
  2. The seat of moral nature and spiritual life
  3. The seat of grief
  4. The seat of the affections
  5. The seat of perceptions
  6. The seat of the thoughts
  7. The seat of the understanding
  8. The seat of reasoning powers
  9. The seat of the imagination
  10. The seat of conscience
  11. The seat of the intentions
  12. The seat of purpose
  13. The seat of the will
  14. The seat of faith

ALL of this.. is in our hearts!! No wonder “out of it flows the issues of life!”

Of our sense of purpose , decision-making , our faith and intentions are all tied up in our heart- even our sorrows – that means everything meaningful flows out of the heart!

That why in that same scripture we ask you to “guard it with all diligence”.

What does it look like for you to guard your heart? It means you watch over everything that concerns your purpose and your sense of well-being. All your hope, all your destiny and all your exchanges in life- with people, friends, family and your children .

What’s in your heart is meaningful and should be kept secured in faith.

Because faith has substance you know. It can take root in your soul and change your lifestyle and change your outlook and perspective in life. It can encourage all those around you and help you to become a more rooted and grounded person.


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Contemplations of a Chaplain on (Self).

In the places where I am most transparent with Self, I find strength & resiliency. I am learning what I think really matters. I am learning that people have an inner compass they can trust to bring them through any adversity, and they only need to tap into that strength to make it happen.

I have learned this after finishing my first unit of chaplaincy. There is something given to being in complete transparency with those you trust. It rids shame, confusion and brings about a certain clarity, & depth of character. If you want to work on becoming more authentic, choose to be transparent, and share your life with those who need change. Show them how you’ve overcome. Gather together and learn from one another.

Trust God.

Through God, trust people, authentically.

Get to know yourself . Spend time with you. Be honest with yourself.

Bring your realness to the table and then push restart and begin again.

Rid yourself the shame, and celebrate the good, in life. Shame takes away your sense of positive pride. It crushes your reputation and your integrity. One can rebuild their integrity by choosing to be better and live better very intentionally. Don’t allow what others think of you to mold you.
Allow God to transform you from the inside out. Receive His Grace His mercy, His love. And forgive yourself and go on.

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New Occupation, New Name.

Chaplain Jennifer. That’s what they call me. I’m still getting used to calling myself that. I’m learning everyone that’s in the hospital is not here just for physical healing. Mental, emotional, spiritual and other kinds of healings exist, as well. There is in forgiveness, emotional pain, and other kinds of relief we need to deal with, in order to maintain the proper perspective. It’s all important.

Before you wind up in a medical facility bedridden , take care of yourself and get some daily and weekly self-care. Invest in yourself. It’s important for y’all.

It’s your legacy. If you teach yourself how to do this, you leave a healthy and lengthy  legacy  for your children.

Chaplain Life

Transforming./ Chaplain Life 4

Transforming: This journey where I am, it’s been one of learning just how much God loves me. I am learning about pain, how we manifests it- how to deal with it, how it shortens our lives and how we release it. With grace-

I am learning grace is a gift, & we can either receive it or reject it. “ The first step is recognizing it’s there.

People may enter the hospital for an ailing heart, yet what’s really happening in their soul?

God is using the physical ailment to make more pronounced the internal ailment.

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Supplication. /Chaplain Contemplations 3

I had chapel yesterday at work , and I shared on the power of supplication. I shared from my book, Red Sea a Situations.

Supplication is that Dee prayer that sets your hearts desire before a living God. That deep, earnest sincere and affectionate prayer that brings you close to Gods heart. Taking our cares and concerns to God when we are burdened in a very intentional heartfelt manner, and rolling those concerns over with every fiber of your being is important. God reaches back when you take the time. I’m a witness.☺️God longs to hear your voice and your feelings about your life & even more, He longs to comfort you. God peace is supreme it passes all understanding. Don’t worry about having the rt thing to say; just say it,& talk it out with Him. He longs to hear your heart.

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Chaplain Contemplations 2

I came to work not feeling very well today. Then, I participated in a meeting that was rejuvenating and enlightened me. Never – & that’s a statement indeed😮🤭- have I “ever” felt so purposed in my life about what’s true to my call. ❤️I thank God immensely for the opportunity to love on people at work both colleagues, supervisors and patients. To be supported in this way ; sometimes make me speechless. Thank you Jesus!❤️ #chaplainlife #lifeofachaplain

Engagement. /Chaplain Contemplations

What engagement looks like when I’m in my passion.

I love being in chaplaincy. It pulls something deeper out of me than I have ever imagined. What does this mean for my life? What does it mean for my future? That, I am uncertain. But I do know it’s teaching me a better way to BE. The stories and the life-changing encounters and experiences have have changed me.

I don’t look at my life or the life of others the same. It purposes me to make life more meaningful.

I take nothing for granted.

Everything and everyone is sacred.


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Chaplain Contemplations 1

Psalm 42:7 “Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.”

So when November began, I saw myself writing profusely. I was not sure what it was I was writing; however I wanted to express my newfound self found my chaplaincy program. (Decided to add it here.) I feel like I’ve been given water in a sun-parched land. 🥰 Kissed right here and falling in love again.  So I’m definitely showing myself. Strong.💪🏾

November is the month I get to bare all. To share my Journey  to becoming. Yeah, it’s the new title to Michelle Obama’s book, but I also  have a story to tell. Listen in.

Just standing tall and firm today in Who My Father has called me to be!

I have had a few changes recently in my career and this magnificent shift – if you will had had me seeking and exploring new borders. I am so honored and (grateful) to be a chaplain.

I didn’t think I had this in me… But God! He calls us to the deep, and Deep calls unto Deep! I sing songs of praise to Him for my “deep waters” because it’s what help the folk at the hospital, get through! And me too!

Deep means “depth” in the Hebrew. It’s in those places of depth, God increases my faith. I am learning faith has a certain texture- a substance.. and in that God produces more faith. Don’t fight your experience. Just surrender to it, & you’ll find He will do the same-  to increase your faith. And increased faith helps you reach your dreams.

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Interesting I call this blog post:” Jennifer”. When I’m gonna share so much about my mom. this photo is me when I was about ten years old. I am committing even if i don’t do very well, to blog or at least try to blog daily.

I sent this to my mom and she smiles , I am certain. I smile because there was still a bit of spark there.. in that little girl. A bit of spunk.

I was a little girl that loved school, my teachers ( because I was a teacher’s pet, loved reading books, loved being the youngest child, and loved my family.

At this time is my life my dads drinking had begun to get a bit stronger, and the family was beginning to flounder.

But the little girl in me remembers.

What do I remember?

I remember playing games outside, moms Halloween parties for me, hanging with my cousins and laughing outside while riding my bike and playing. My mom did everything to salvage “the little girl in me”. Below is a poem I wrote her on her retirement of 27 .5 years as a teacher in the Rochester City School District.

A Mother’s Love

What joy is given

What peace it brings

To know the love I have within

Has come from such a gracious source,

Passed on generations long,

Kept me …when I could not go on…

What has this love done for me?

This love.. Tero’s love –

Has helped me to survive struggles,

And to surrender to Gods embrace.

This love, Tero’s love –

Has taught me how to respect and honor others despite their shortcomings,

This love, Tero’s love-

Has taught me that unconditional love brings the greatest comfort and trust.

This love, Tero’s love –

Has weathered many storms,

Has caused me to mount up with wings as eagles,

Has caused me stand form-footed upon my high places.

This love, Tero’s love – is a love of God.

A love that has prepared a place for me,

A love that has saved my marriage,

Helped me to grow strong, patient and endure,

A love that has become a treasure,

My own children shall enjoy as a heritage in the Lord.

This love, Tero’s love –

Cannot be replaced,

It has made me secure, complete and has made me whole …again.

This love, Tero’s love – is God’s love.

It never fails.

By JennRene Owens