The Signature Series: A 6-month Group Writing Experience

The Signature series is. Writing program designed to offer an intense writing experience full of group accountability; communication and the support of a writing community all at one time.

About eight years ago, I lived outside of Dallas TX; and  I met a group of wonderful women I experienced community with in a writing group and they helped assist me with the structure and accountability I needed to get my book writing completed. I must say, it was a very frustrating, and messy process at first. So much so that my work sat on the shelf for several months at a time; “before” the writing group; but with my consistency of meeting twice a month and having influence from other committed writers I was very surprised about my work getting done. Momentum! I began to get really excited about that. When I needed help or advice, we’d study, research and give ideas for pulling together resources; when I had writers block, they offered concrete help and tips and relieved my frustration, and when I simply needed to vent and pull time together to write, they were there.

Now it took a little while, but the bonding over similar frustrations and the sister support was extremely influential.  I was happy to have a supportive group of sisters who cared about my writing success.  I moved to Tulsa, and wanted to recreate the “Dallas experience “; but couldn’t quite pull it off.

So I began to hold small group with the object of a consistent community experience writing in mind . I must several years later I finally   have a solution and a process.

The Signature Series.

Here’s what the Signature Series offers you:

1. Say you have your project and you’re doing well; and want to don’t give up on   it; but you feel isolated and unmotivated and need the support. For $10 month the accountability processing and community of women writers who are committed to a writing project and twice a month virtual online communication about your book project.

In addition to that process; for another $50 a month I will allow walk through a process with myself- 💪🏾- and other women  writers who will help you to “strong arm” the book writing process.

We will spend a total of approximately 20 weeks on the following:

I. Developing Book Concept (2 weeks)

II. Developing Chapter for Your Book (2 weeks)

III. Developing Individual Chapter Outlines (4 weeks)

IV. Writing Prose for Each of Your Chapters (6 to 8 weeks)

V. Manuscript structure (4 weeks)

VI. The Self-Publishing Process & Options  (2 weeks)

VII. Marketing tips and Solutions for your book (1 week)

All of your writing  development will be done 1 on 1  with myself, and   With certain accountability guidelines to assist with the prompt delivery of your writing.

We will even have  time to write online with Zoom to help you with “ uninterrupted buddy support” with your writing. You call in, and we’ll be present to hear your writing goals; how many words you were able to complete within the given time frame; and off you writing tips for success! Can’t beat that, can you?

With all of this structure, Jennifer will also meet with you for 30-45 mins a week to see if your on track, see if your meeting your goals; and offer tips to complete them.   All of this for  a low price of $60.00 total,  can be broken down into two payments every two weeks. When you’ve paid for your sessions, for the month, you’ll receive a call in number to Zoom where you’ll receive the structured group setting and individual session information.

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