Welcome to Kamau Care!

Welcome to kamaucare!

Kamau care is  a  way of being doing , and reflecting on  your self-awareness and your  ingenuine  strength. Kamau  care has a  Facebook pageclick here!

Here are a few topics:

  • Need A Little  Daily  Motivation?
  • Feeling Undervalued & Need More “Me- Time?
  • Need  a greater Ability to Find FOCUS?
  • Have Difficulty Saying No?
  • Need An Esteem Booster

Memorialize your moments spending a few moments  during your day with my meditative series and  synchronize your life rhythm and reconnect with your life purpose!  

Kamau (which means Silent Warrior is a  name I  chose  for my  self-actualization  branch of  my business to help focus on  your  daily success!!  There was a time in my life where I went through  a very hard period and needed   some motivation.  I didn’t have it, so I would  sort of  ‘create’ it. I am  so excited to  share with  you some of those  gems that  I  have collected over the years to  share here on my SoundCloud Station

What is Kamau Care ? Well, “Kamau” stands for silent warriors. We all can be silent warriors. Women are Warriors in spirit, soul and body. Through my audio-series and presentation on Course Craft you can learn more about what it means to war silently, and how to “possess your soul.” Self -Possession is a concept I use to explain my process when it comes to seeking greater self-awareness and personal strength and resilience. You too, can have this skill by listening, absorbing and learning on my Kamau Care Audio sessions. Currently the series is not for sale but available for your listening pleasure on SoundCloud.

penultimatefullsizerenderBelow are a few introductory links to help assist you with learning more about you!

Welcome to  Kamau care!


Addressing fear

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