Sacred Places.

I have a thing for sacred spaces.
Sacred spaces shine light on what’s really important.  They take us back in our mindset.  And we  can re-experience as if its that moment, once again.img_4684
One of the best sacred spaces  I  have experienced – was in Atlanta Georgia at the Martin Luther King museum. I swear I could close my eyes and feel as if I was transported back in time,  experiencing some of the same atrocities. I didn’t tell anyone though. I just seized that moment and thought very deeply as I did. I breathed in, and I breathed out.. and I could feel as if I was very close to the experience.
I give thanks in sacred spaces. I call them breath prayers. I breathe in...” I thank you God for the memories…”  and I breathe out…I love… ”  and whatever that experience was, I say it. )
I believe there is a time in our lives where we have the chance to re-experience. If only we would embrace that moment…at least once, we might be really, really  grateful.
Here are ten reasons and ways  I love  to experience sacred spaces:
They make you feel all warm and cuddly, inside.  They affect all the senses: sight, smell , touch,  hearing and  even tasting.
Wow, the smell in a sacred place make you feel as if you can conquer the world. Sacred spaces have depth and great meaning.There’s always a story to be found in a sacred space. Sacred spaces have a way of helping you find what’s meaningful too, once you have heard the story, behind the  story – or even experienced it. I didn’t experience true  joy, for instance until I learned how to practice  love  and  acceptance with myself.  I had to learn how to  appreciate my mind, my body, my  way of being and  accept that introverting is not a bad thing,  and just feel comfortable with myself.
And here are a few of my sacred spaces:
1. Meeting the morning sun in my window, and sometimes my patio, in the summer. (A nice way to  simply  greet the world!)
2. Taking  photos on a quiet walk can often  transport me into  another mood and relieve stress.
3. Spending time with my thoughts and recording them – in a journal or  audio- is sacred because it’s an intuitive action that helps me see myself in a new light.
4. Spending time with friends in prayer.  Helping someone  win a spiritual victory is  very sacred to me, it  helps me see  differently, as well.
5. Sacred places speak, if you listen hard enough and observe.  A prayer to be in remembrance or in the moment can take you back to the museum , like it did me.
6. Sacred places have a song. Sometimes it’s  a quiet song, and other times, a song you can hear in your soul. Sort of  like a  whisper, or  humming.
7. Sacred spaces can be interpreted. They have meaning and  can speak  to us about the future, or the past.
8. In sacred spaces you find things you love. It can be people, artifacts,   or just  a ‘calm presence’.
9. You can walk around a sacred space and hear God’s voice. I love to experience labyrinths  this  way.
10 Another place was my grandmother’s porch, or her backyard. I used to love the smell of grandma’s backyard. I am not sure, why. I just did. At my grandmother’s backyard in LaGrange, GA.
(I was in my  grandmother’s  home  when  we went there last for a funeral. My grandmother has been gone since  1975.  She  was no longer present.  Yet I felt her presence in the smells of the home, the  cake I used to taste in her kitchen, and homemade ice cream she used to make;  the sight of old rooms and furniture brought back memories and the touch of her blankets and  piano in the home made me really think about how my mother used to play the  piano in those sacred spaces. )
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