Changing Names…

So maybe – just maybe –  I am  in  a phase of change,   and that’s ok…

I changed my blog name.  I am no longer  “Pursuing Me”.. I am  Pursuing  Life.   I guess that  is what I  was pursuing all along,  anyway.  It  just was made  very clear to me that  was  the journey.  Aren’t we all pursuing life? Or at least  trying to live it?

Sometimes change happens between  seasons and  a  new  season is on the horizon. I  just feel  as though I am entering a season that I  will never see again.  Not  living, at least  in the way I now know it.

And that’s fine.

So… yes,  I changed the name of the blog, and I  understand it was never really about me –   that was just the season  I was  just in.  For the moment, but it won’t take away from my need to pursue myself, or life, or living, nor the  relationships  I  have; as fiercely as I have before.

I am  ready for this new place of being and doing and  seeking…


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