The Woman of His Dreams…❤️

It’s Birthday Love! (No, it’s not my birthdate 🎂 ….but I sure love this post!) So I’m sharing it once again…

Sidenote: I guess my esteem posts turned into posts about self-love. 💕 Sometimes you cant see all the good inside because it takes a brave soul who loves you for yourself and what God put in you, to see your ” true” soul. How you were truly made in His (God’s) image.

Many of you don’t know the story of how Tim and I met.. and we’ll share soon… but…I never I thought I’d be ‘the woman of anyone’s dreams’ but I can literally say when I met Tim, I knew him from before. I had several dreams about being loved, by a beautiful man… and when I met him, it took me about three days to recognize he was truly that man I dreamt about! Talked about shocked! (Because I’d never seen his face in my dreams, I only knew his nature)… I guess it took a while to realize as well, I would ‘also’ be the woman of his dreams.

So yeah, God’s encouragement me to was that I find love again! I knew only after a few days that he would be the one, but I never told him that. Besides, he was living in an entirely different state, and I needed to see God work this out! So…I waited until Tim realized it.

Well anyway, when I turned 48 on October 14th, 2015 my husband was very honorable towards me. He wrote 48 things he loves about me.

I also hash-tagged #48Lessons for all the wisdom I have received in the past 48 years on Facebook, so I suppose he was inspired! (Haha!)

Anyway, .. here’s the 48 ways my husband loves me!

To : The Woman of My Dreams and the Love of my life on her 48th birthday!

Here are 48 I absolutely love about you:

1. You have a beautiful smile.

2. You have an even more beautiful spirit.

3. You are kind.

4. I can trust you with my heart.

5. I can trust you with my innermost thoughts.

6. You make your own vulnerability a strength.

7. You are strong in spirit.

8. You don’t give up when things get hard.

9. You don’t hide, when the stuff gets real!

10. You are creative.

11. You are articulate.

12. You are your own woman.

13. You are a parent of parents.

14. You are determined when need be.

15. You are wise enough to know when to be flexible.

16. You listen well!

17. You know how to compromise your position, without compromising your values.

18. You know how to have fun.

19. You work hard when it is important to do so.

20. You don’t make excuses.

21. You don’t judge or gloat even when you are right!

22. You make my world beautiful!

23. You have an eye for the aesthetic.

24. You empower and encourage instead of putting down and emotionally beating people down.

25. You give from a place of abundance without counting it as loss.

26. You slow dance with me even when there is no music.

27. You give hope when things seem hopeless.

28. You take me out of my comfort zone and empower me to grow.

29. You are my best friend.

30. You are my confidant.

31. You are my intimate lover!

32. You are my travel companion on the journey of life.

33. You are patient in the midst of my impatience.

34. You model life balance and inner health.

35. You are adventurous.

36. You are a leader among followers.

37. You are faithful.

38. You are faith filled.

39. You are my Rib.

40. You are my “Good Thang”.

41. You are my warmth when it’s cold.

42. You are my Designated Cuddler.

43. You are my prayer partner.

44. You are my prayer warrior.

45. You are my play mate.

46. You are my business partner.

47. You are the Apple of My Eye.

48. But most of all…as I sang to you when you walked down the aisle and into my life forever…”You are So Beautiful to Me!” God bless you baby for being you. Happy Birthday! And may God grant us to celebrate many, many more!’

I have committed this year in 2018 to writing about 💎 Diamonds my online course and writing about the gems therein. To make it even more exciting, I’m challenging myself to write a book on how I got to the “Other Side” of pursuing me.”stay tuned as I share more on this journey, & eventually provide links to the course.

Jennifer 🌹

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