Still Receiving.

Well this year.. only Three full months in…, and it’s felt like five months!

I’m really blessed to be in a place where God moves immensely to just reach me His movement. Our Pastor began this year talking about a sermon series called “Stride: The Pace of Grace.”

It really caused me to think sincerely about what gives me motivation and what I’m chasing after in life.

Well gratefully, I listened, and feel like I’m coming out on the other side. I am thankful. And resizing daily, there is a pace to grace, and it changes every single day.

I decided to acquiesce to one of the hardest mysteries in my life this past month, and it became a miracle. So I’ve been doing that for several small mysteries.

And guess what?

Little miracles are occurring all over the place. I guess that’s all it took.


Imagine that.

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