Slowing My Roll & Investing in Self-Care

That was my life this past weekend. I don’t quite recall it, even.

I want to share a little bit about my weekend. It was something else! We did a day trip and an eight hour drive and I didn’t do much self-care, so I suffered a bit.

It also was a very emotionally draining day and it took more out of me than I imagined… because..I almost fainted this past Sunday.

I almost fainted this past Sunday.

But that was because I didn’t listen to my body on Sunday morning and determine how I was doing. As exhausted as I was, I still pushed it.

Without eating a full breakfast, I went to church , then to another meeting. I was exhausted and about to faint at this meeting. I was surprised, but came home and rested, and ate and just spent the entire evening doing nothing but being still. So being still really helps us to rejuvenate and begin again.

Our body resists is, if we abuse it. And looking back, I believe I was on overload.

Even Monday was a little challenging. I have to remind myself that I’m not Superwoman. Sometimes I have to pay that extra attention to my body because I plan to be around a long time.

Don’t undervalue the power of true rest.

I have a course on my self care journey, you can take online called the Rhythm Conscious Life. Invest in your self-care.

Check it out.

I have committed this year in 2018 to writing about 💎 Diamonds my online course and writing about the gems therein. To make it even more exciting, I’m challenging myself to write a book on how I got to the “Other Side” of pursuing me.”stay tuned as I share more on this journey, & eventually provide links to the course.

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