Who Created Molds, Anyway?

Recently, I’ve been listening to an awesome podcast called “Lead Stories.” Jo and Steph, the presenters,  do a great  job at transforming leaders and they particularly did a good job on this podcast, inspiring me.

They were defining molds and how they get created, in our lives. Molds are what gives something influence, form or shape. In many ways it begins with family and friends as influencers.  Yet there are many other influencers.

But her s another definition: “something that has influence in determining. ” I think about molds that cast a facial form or an image. What that object will become – has everything to do with what people think about the image of it, and what form is cast through that image.
Here are som other intriguing words:

A Frame
a Precursor ( subtance by which another is formed ;

A Predecessor
to Persuade
to Influence
to Change the mind
to SUBDUE (to overcome, quiet, ot bring under control ( conquer or defeat) suppress)

So…what do molds do?
Well. there’s a ‘good side’ they say: they cause us to CHANGE

Molds can be cast from :
-family systems

But how can they yet practically and tangibly fit into who we are?
(They ask on the podcast).

They also ask: Who were you before someone told you were to be something else?

And…”What have we “written off” because we didn’t fit into that mold?”

Here are a few statements made that make me think about how my identity matters as it relates to moving outside of myself:

1.”Molds aren’t bad unless there is only one single story. “

Molds tel a story. (What’s yours? ) So in other words – if you have more than one story to tell about breaking molds, you’re evolving, you’re coming into your own identity, you are becoming.
2. Molds can hold us back from our potential. If we stay within the frame that says :” this is who I am and who I’ll always be,” then we sell ourselves short.
3. Molds hold us back from new opportunities.

I think the most enlightening mention was this: “We often cannot see “the new thing” because it’s not in the mold!!”

I just came out of a season of having to make several decisions about my career and future. It’s changing. And looking back, I realize I was in a mold. A mold that had me thinking, believing and trying to determine my influence on another level. Trying to die outside of a construct that had influenced me for years. I was dining a new passion, searching my heart to determine how this new call on my life would impact the Kingdom; and decide whether I really wanted to say yes to it.

The mold hindered my vision.

I had to do a lot of self-evaluation and listening within to know where I was to go, and what I was to do. I had to talk to mentors and re-evaluate with my partner and with friends who understood my plight. If they didn’t understand and couldn’t pray with me, then I wouldn’t share. I needed to transition and change smoothly.

The more I listened and spoke to God; the more my heart broke for God’s will and His ways.

But I will admit, God speaks with a still small voice . Hearing my friends voices of encouragement and praying with them helped. so much.