Acceptance & Receiving.

This very well may be first writing in 2018 on Receiving. I suppose if I set a goal, then by the end of this year, both you and me shall learn immensely about my one word. (So my first goal is to truly see where this precious word leads me!)

I will say this, this evening I wasn’t even looking for the word and it sort of “popped up” on  the  screen ,  STARING AT ME as if I asked   the word to embrace me. Accept.

I wasnt sure…  what  wasn’t  I accepting? What  did I not desire to   receive?  Why was  this word  already of “Receiving” challenging me  so very soon into the new year?


Seeing the word “receive” in this definition, the same word offered unto me “as acceptance”; gave me goosebumps! I  wasnt  ready… but my word said I was. So  why do I need  “consent to receive?”  I asked.  Consent is needing permission for  something to   happen.  Or needing  agreement in order for something to happen.   Here it is  20  days into  the  year and I  still havent  given myself  permission to   receive. 

And  so….  I  struggle with my writing and with my soul  to acknowledge  what’s been  hard to believe since  the end of December.  It’s time.   To  walk in.  To believe.  To  receive.

'Captured Moonbeam.'
‘Captured Moonbeam’ by You Are So Beautiful Photography

I  think I have been   looking for this  kind of  VALIDATION  for  such a long, long time.  And I am not sure  if I am  still there.  But  I shall keep  surrendering.  I  think its the  quickest way unto  Receiving.


As if  receiving has a  door gate, and  I am the gatekeeper. 


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  1. hushhushsweetsurvivor Avatar

    Acceptance is probably the longest word in the world — not numerically, but to ingest! I love the idea of uniting the two terms. Gotta give that one some more thought.

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