Awareness & Receiving.

It helps  to  live  and thrive in this life,  being  self aware.

When you’re self aware, no one can tell you what you will be vulnerable to. You are aware of it, and sometimes if you allow the vulnerability or perceived weaknesses to speak to your soul, you may just perceive that vulnerability as a strength, instead of a weakness .

For instance, I’m vulnerable to the fact that I am a sensitive person. I am one who doesn’t like people to take advantage of my emotions. Yet I’ve had this happen so many times. Yet in the instances where I’ve chosen to be vulnerable and self-aware and the same time,

I Rise.

I learn more, stretch more, GROW more, GLEAN more, and I learn to be okay with my shortcomings. My shortcomings become ways I can acknowledge there’s room for growth in my life. Where I used to be embarrassed and shamed for my shortcomings, I now I walk into them with my head held high, and I take risks that though my being vulnerable might be a risk, yet it can still be a good risk. A risk that may take me places I never imaged I’d go.

This reminds me of a time I was in South Africa , and it was late . I was with a friend of mine, and out in the middle of no where. I asked myself “how could I have gotten here!?” It felt dangerous; yet at the same time, I believed I would be safe. That’s simply called faith. My faith overrode my sense of awareness and my risk- taking. It held me in a place of safety. And because I believed I was safe, I received the fact that I was safe.

Sometimes my willingness to be vulnerable goes out on a limb . I don’t care much about the risks. I want to be risky. So sometimes the excitement of being risky is more exciting and self-challenge of sorts, in my life .

Why am I sharing about this risk- taking involved with our hearts?

Well, we become how we perceive things to be, and when we walk into a situation self-awareness; we often are better able to calculate what our responses will be. It may be fight or flight; or if we set our intentions ahead of time; we might know in advance what we should do. ; therefore we are less afraid, or we are more likely to  “bear up” against the obstacles and we must ask ourselves at those critical points: “So you know what can happen right?” And: “Are you willing to take that risk?

I ask myself sometimes: “So where’s your heart right now, and is this something worth enduring right now?” And if I know I’m not ready or it isn’t worth it , then the risk isn’t worth it, and so need to simply acquiesce or let it go.


When I am self-aware, I calculate the risk. I step back. I think about what I should say. I don’t really care if people care about what I say, or how they’ll respond. It’s all about my intention. Where do I want to be in terms of my own personal self- transparency, and self-dignity? Are any of these values escaping me?

What shall help me to feel good about myself in the long run?

Sometimes that’s  the risk we take in the face of being impulsive . You don’t think about yourself, your  dignity.  and you definitely don’t think about anyone else. Or  those who may have consequence because of your actions.

I  guess that’s  what  they  call  “adulting”, these days.  I don’t mind adulting.  I  just need to be able to consider the risks.  That’s maturity. To me,  that’s what makes  life worth living.  If I can be accurate with my risk assessment ; with most things in life, I realize there are times when you  have to ‘live on the edge’, and times when it was  completely best not to. Reaching for dreams are necessary, and so is taking risks. And you learn immensely from those times you do.

Self – awareness has given me  discretion and  hope. Peace within, and  a self-resolve.  It just helps to know what to expect from yourself.  It can make you feel more mature with you actions and decision-making. .  So I will continue to work on  this part of myself.

This is me being aware.

This is me  receiving.

This is me  “taking possession” of myself.

In your patience, possess ye your souls. Luke 21:19


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