Spiritual Gifts – My Understanding and Personal Sharing…

Hello¬† everyone, the next¬† few blog posts will¬† ¬†talk to you about Mantles.¬† ¬†Mantles are blessings we¬† receive from God to operate in our¬† God-given calling on¬† this earth.¬† ¬†They are¬† hope. They add hope and encouragement to¬† those who need it, and it¬† helps sometimes¬† for us to¬† ” see through our struggle.”¬† I know that sounds¬† kind of odd,¬† so I will explain.¬† ¬†Mantles¬† add purpose to our lives and in every¬† struggle , there is purpose.¬† what if you knew¬† right away¬† ¬†the REASON – you were struggling. Would that help you¬† to endure the struggle that much more?¬† Well I wrote a book about this very topic, and it’s¬† called¬† Red Sea Situations : Finding Courage in the Deep Seas of Life.

I wrote  Red  Sea  Situations not really  with complete understanding  of why I was going through   such a struggle, at the time,  yet I  found that   spending time with God in the struggle made me  realize several  things:


  1. My Struggle indeed, had purpose.
  2. I¬† really didn’t have to¬† fight this¬† struggle.
  3. I  had to learn how to acquiesce.  ( To yield without protesting.) And this skill would serve me for the rest of my life and those I served in my profession.
  4. ¬†I needed to “rally up¬† support” around me while I was struggling. Having a team just makes you endure with capacity and greater strength.
  5.  We never should  do  struggle alone.  There  are  a myriad of ways to  endure it,  faith-filled and entirely believing.
  6.  I needed to TRUST THE PROCESS. 
  7. God had my back, I just had to look for signs. Now this type of awareness truly makes you believe on another level, and takes your faith up a notch, but intrigues you, nonetheless.
  8. I ¬†learned I can make it through¬† anything with God’s help and support.
  9. I needed to learn how to  embrace and not resist  hardship.
  10. Understand that  everything I endure happens for a reason,  all  I have to do is ASK.
  11.  Learn to GO  with the flow.  There is a grace flow in everything , i just had to find it.

red sea cover

We all have a mantle,  whether or not we fulfill that purpose in  our lives  and operate in it, is totally up to us.  I  may  give a few  examples or  share  about the spiritual  gifts and how they relate to mantles,  and you can decide  whether or not you  are walking in purpose and  are fulfilled in this  walk of  life.

¬†If you aren’t walking wth this strength, let me help¬† you.¬† I can walk¬† you through¬† some¬† questions and¬† ¬†even¬† some¬† thoughts and¬† conversations – with a little coaching that might help you¬† be more self-aware and help you to¬† ¬†understand you calling in life.¬†

The gifts of God are often the way the Holy Spirit blesses us to experience His love working innately within us.¬† There are several¬† gifts .¬† There are however¬† a few main¬† spiritual gifts that¬† help us to¬† understand how we¬† can¬† ¬†bless someone’s¬† life or we¬† can¬† thrive in our own lives.

First , I am  going to share  with you my own spiritual gifts , then I  will share how they have been used and how I came into greater knowledge of myself putting them to use.

Here are a  few  spiritual gifts  I have :

  • Leadership gift
  • Discernment¬† gift
  • Teaching gift
  • ¬†Encouragement¬† gift
  • Word of Knowledge gift
  • Giving gift
  • Mercy¬† gift
  • Prophetic gifting
  • Gift of faith

¬†When I first¬† started out on my walk with God,¬† ¬†I didn’t’ have ¬†all these gifts . As I matured in faith and in my relationship with God, I began to notice more of them. I believe they were latent within me. Yet the¬†¬†Bible¬† says¬† ¬†God¬† gives¬† the gifts¬† severally, as He wills.¬† ¬†( I‚Äėd like to¬† think God¬† likes me and wants me to share several of them and bless others lives freely, with them. )¬† I¬† admit, it’s been a fun¬† journey to help¬† others¬† get here, including learning on my own.

Teaching &  Word of Knowledge Gift .

There have been many times, for instance, where God has used my knowledge and my voice to bless someone as I gave instruction or taught them something by explaining¬† ¬†at length¬† something they could not¬† understand¬† easily, and¬† they would get it right away.¬† This was my¬† teaching gift and my word of knowledge¬† gift working together.¬†¬† I love to¬† teach. I¬† always thought I would be a¬† teacher one day, like my mother.¬† I was always giving¬† people advice.¬† ¬†Actually, the¬† advice took¬† form once¬† I¬† began to¬† ¬†go to college and¬† ¬†major in social work.¬† ¬†I¬† ¬†actually¬† found comfort in¬† giving¬† ¬†words of comfort to others and showing them¬† things about life I noticed, or had learned.¬† ¬†My word of knowledge¬† gift, even¬† enlightens ME, sometimes!¬† You ever have an¬† (AHA!¬† Moment),¬† and then you realize you too, are enlightened and¬† ¬†also¬† learning from information you shared? Well… that was me, indeed.¬† (I did¬† this often, and all the time. )¬† And¬† ¬†another way I knew I had this¬† gift was I¬† always had an¬† answer for something.¬† ¬†Someone would ask me something , and whether I had¬† insight or not,¬† the knowledge¬† would sometimes¬† come to me¬† if I just ventured out and began¬† speaking on the topic.

The  Prophetic  Gift.   

Once, I took on a job¬† as a professor. I had never ever learned how to¬† ¬†teach as a professor.¬† How did I know I¬† could do¬† it, if¬† I had not done it before.¬† ¬†I¬† just¬† knew I could,¬† so I did.¬† ¬† What¬† I¬† had¬† years before this job came to me, was¬† a vision. I¬† would see myself¬† ¬†teaching and¬† being at¬† my¬† old college, and¬† ¬†I would¬† be¬† actually¬† involved with others and helping them.¬† So when the opportunity came to¬† spend time as¬† a panel¬† expert and share on my profession, I did.¬† My old professor, Norma¬† – called me¬† ¬†out once for¬† dinner and¬† asked would I be willing to take over¬† and teach a course in social work.¬† My first answer¬† to her was :” I am not sure.” I had to talk it¬† over with some,¬† and think about it.¬† ¬†So I went¬† home and prayed about it.¬† ¬†This is¬† the scripture that came to mind:” Delight yourself in the Lord and the Lord will give you the¬† desires of your heart.” Psalm¬† 37:4 Once I prayed about it, – the¬† ¬†VERY SAME NIGHT –¬† God used¬† a¬† ¬†friend¬† to come to my home¬† after¬† I had prayed (¬† AND give me¬† THAT¬† scripture¬† frame with this¬† scripture!)¬† ¬† ¬† I¬† ¬†cannot¬† truly¬† say I was shocked,¬† I¬†was just¬† really¬† surprised.¬† ¬†The¬† DAY had come.¬† I¬† was now LIVING¬† the¬† vision¬† that¬† had come to me¬† years¬† ago.

 As I attempt to join in with God and allow Him to use me, in that process of learning, I am opening myself up to my purpose being used. The mantle of hope I bring to someone begins to be utilized by God to help them flourish as well.

The way I learned about my mantle of decision-making and that God purposed to use me in this way – was revealed through prayer.¬† I was deep in my feelings and compassionate over a situation for someone I loved dearly in my family. I felt as though I was suffering with them ‚Äď as they endured some hardship, as I witnessed them suffering. I wanted so bad to help. I began to pray for that family member whom I knew (from the fruit they were bearing) – was not walking in alignment with God. I began to pray they make better decisions, and that in making those decisions ‚Äď they find answers. The Lord revealed to me what was going on, and that ‚Äúthem not making a decision‚ÄĚ, was their decision; and that I could influence this, though my prayers.¬† “not deciding” of course, I found was immensely harming their soul – because it¬† was a decision they¬† were making and¬† I saw that clearly.¬† They were also¬† allowing someone else to¬† decide for them.¬† Immensely, and that person was¬† actually guiding their life decisions,¬† NOT¬† themselves.¬† And their purpose. So, knowing what I knew about agreeing prayer, I began to ask God to use me and a few others to help ‚Äėset them free‚Äô and bring them into greater understanding and enlightenment.

I¬† started¬† seeing God¬† use me often in¬† helping people¬† decide.¬† I¬† knew ‚ÄúDeciding‚ÄĚ was not a gift, because everyone¬† did it.¬† I¬† asked God¬† what else was going on here, and¬† ¬†that’s¬† when he¬† revealed the decision-making was something he¬† supernaturally gave me insight about¬† for¬† ¬†the¬† benefit of myself , and others. When my mantle of decision-making begins to work also with my spiritual gifts it supernaturally works to deliver answers to Gods people in such a way, people find resolution for their soul (their mind will and emotions). If this is your first time hearing about mantles, purpose and spiritual gifts, it may really surprise you. However I believe it will also enlighten you to a God who desires to interact with you very intimately in life. ¬†That is why I am sharing ¬†it with you today. Beginning this journey with God ¬†begins by asking l, believing and receiving ¬†Him.

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