Seeking & Being ‘New’.

I have decided my fifty years old post will go well past the age of fifty. I am sure I’ll be contemplative well past and into the age, so I can be free with my writing time.

This weekend, I have been contemplative on my thoughts and how I think at this age versus other ages. I will try to explain it; however that may not be possible. One thing I really cherish about how I think lately, is that I see myself as a graceful human being. I no longer care to please other people nor am I anxious about their thoughts towards me. I used to run my life this way, and I feel ashamed for saying that. But I’ve matured. And I’m better now.

That walk took some painful steps to walk through, and some great revelations about who I am and what I really stood for in life.IMG_20170831_194823699-01.jpeg

So as I highlight my thoughts and underline them with a pen, I imagine a world where “being myself” is epic. And that’s what I’m shooting for. This year Embrace was my one word for 2017. I changed so much! (Keep reading here on the blog, and you will see how.)

I changed my mindset about my work and began to think about new possibilities, I began eating more healthy, juicing and drinking smoothies… I even started yoga! Wow .. words cannot explain that one! The relaxation feel is amazing!( Who knew!) I always used to think yoga was for people that had other spiritual motives in mind, then I tried Holy Yoga. It was a nice try, and felt safe. I decided to go back and now I’ve been back at least three times and signed up for a class! (Deep)!

Where I get to be myself and cherish myself at fifty, it just blesses my life, like none other. I’m gonna go on more road trips, enjoy my life more, travel more, be with people who enjoy being with me, walk in purpose, speak my mind, and make ALL that a priority. It feels good when you get to your birthday, and people want to cherish your birthday time with you.

Life just feels good when I seek to grow. ❤️

3 responses to “Seeking & Being ‘New’.”

  1. Train Today to Reap Tomorrow Avatar

    Nice mantra to have…life does feel good when one seeks to grow!

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    1. Jennrene/ Pursuing Life. Avatar

      Thanks for responding! train Today!☺️Life has a certain grace to it when we seek the higher!

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    2. The Blessedness of Being. Avatar

      For sure thx for sharing


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