One Woman.

I was out walking in sixty degree weather in December, and saw this view above. I decided to share here because I’m so happy living in a place where sixty and seventy degree weather happens in December.

It feels great. Yet I also miss the snow. Especially at Christmas. I’m a New York girl. So I grew up making snowmen, angels in the snow, playing with my dog and brothers in the snow, sledding, and you know, all the snow stuff!

I miss fun in the snow, but I’m also content being ‘adulting’ and living in a warmer environment. I believe weather helps my mood. A whole lot. And I remember the day I promised myself I would not be in NY much longer. I was scraping the ‘hardest ever’ ice off my windshield and about to curse- and I said “Never again!” This too shall pass… and it did. After traveling the world and seeing such beauty in other places and warmth, I decided it had to happen and happen, soon. So one more winter passed, and I was gone.

Being my own woman has changed my life. It’s been even more of a challenge, as I got married ( the second time) and figuring that out. Yet I’m grateful for the spaces in life that taught me how to do that. Yes, I may have learned the hard way, but what an adventure!

When i moved the first time, I even left my “then” boyfriend.. I wasn’t playing…..I was serious about making life changes. And I knew I wasn’t going to let anyone change that vision I had of being me. I contemplated long and hard that after living for someone else, previously…for about ten years of my life, and realized that chapter of my life was over. So I moved to DC. Washing DC was my place of loss and yet a place of giving birth. And ten months later I moved to Texas. I became a FREE woman, and …Loved every bit of it! Yeah, I followed a guy out there I loved, but I got my own place my own job, had just bought my own car.. and I was SET. If it didn’t work out , it would be because God didn’t want it to.

I don’t regret those changes.

They grew me up, matured me. Made me strong. And here I am. Happy. Still pursuing ME.


3 responses to “One Woman.”

  1. Jennrene/ Pursuing Me. Avatar

    Oh! And so glad you’re living life in spurts! I see you.☺️


  2. hushhushsweetsurvivor Avatar

    It’s a beautiful picture. And I envy the weather you now enjoy. I too am committed to leaving here… but I’ve found contention in leaving in spurts. A week in Florida, two weeks in the Caribbean, a few days in Canada…
    I’m happy that you’re happy in your new place – but we sorely miss you here!

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    1. Jennrene/ Pursuing Me. Avatar

      I miss you too. Some of the people in Syracuse are forever in my heart and as leaders, we were doing something impactful. That’s where my leadership gift took off! Loved that place , but of course i didn’t have all good memories. I’ll come back to see you. Yes indeed!☺️❤️


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