Seeking Breakthrough.

So I’ve been on this internal journey to a deeper, more internal peace. Growth. It happens every year. Maybe this is a blog post about my one word for 2017: Embrace. It’s been a very intentional year.

I’ve very intentionally made some intuitive changes in my life and feel as if I’m turning a curve after walking down a long, long, street of stagnation.

One of the objectives was meditation. Another was yoga. And yet another was very intentional prayer. I feel as if all three of these tools came to me to help me embrace life a little more fully, this year.

Yoga: I was seeking to find a yoga class and then I said it out loud. I told like three or four friends. Three of them wanted to go with me. The last one told me about the class. I thought that was neat that three out of the four wanted to go. And the other had the information already. Sometimes blessings are closer than we think, if only we’d open our mouths and express our intention. Yoga has been enlightening. It helps me remember to breathe. To relax. To not take life so seriously.

Meditation: I’ve always wanted to practice it more. I’ve never had a focused enough mind, though I’ve felt. Then I joined a group . I can’t say much about it); ( because it’s a private group in the making), but the group taught me how meditate with ease. I’m so grateful for this group. Just seemed to come at the right time. Clearing my mind of clutter and focusing on good has become an excellent practice.

And last but not least,…

Prayer: That simple, beautiful communicative act involves speaking with a living, active and loving God. I prayed “agreeing prayer”with a group of four women 7 months ago, We initially wanted to focus on our own leadership, and prayer. The group grew after we realized we might not be alone, and became very successful.. We met maybe twice, as a foursome, then quickly expanded to a larger group of eight to ten people! It took off immediately! I’m grateful for these three tool God give to sissy me with living . I’m even more grateful for the team of people that surround me and help me to do the work. It makes the work we do al the more appreciated. Prayer reminds me that nurturing my Spirit is a necessary, needed, productive space.

What are your three tools that makes life more efficient and worth living?

Can you pinpoint them? Do they make life worth living and more fulfilling? Like my three tools were totally worth pursuing, I bet yours are worth it, too.

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