So I’ve been in “yes mode”……

Just saying yes to my life and what I want and need in this season and it’s been good. I’m more comfy with myself, and I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself along. It feels like I’m driving.

You ever felt like you’re in a car someone else is always driving?

Ever wanted to just “take the wheel” instead of being a passenger seat driver?

It took a while to recognize what “driving” detail looked like for me…

Drive by detail means like.. Being Authentic to myself.

  1. Like trusting my voice. But, making sure it’s mine, first.
  2. It means knowing and valuing myself first, before anyone else’s approval is needed.
  3. Delighting in myself, by taking time to honor and do self care.
  4. Enjoying my company.
  5. Having friends who push me towards a greater, more authentic self.
  6. Telling myself of the truth.
  7. Slowing my rhythm to God’s Rhythm.
  8. Trusting myself.
  9. Investing Time, Energy and Commitment to my passion and my craft.
  10. Blessing my neighbor.

I’m getting there… slowly, but surely.

Cruise control feels best.

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