In The Deep: Rest.

So… you know that feeling when you’re under water and it seems like all sound goes away, and you feel like you’re alone in the world …just you and water.
I like that feeling. I mean of course, I want to come back, and resurface.. but I like that sound of quiet. I am such an introvert. I don’t like being round anyone sometimes, and you could say that would be my best way of being. Just hanging out with myself and no sound. It’s like it energizes me.

Most times.

It offers me clarity. It helps me to breathe slowly and regulate to manageable ways of breathing. I just love it.
Sometimes when I have lots of it, I go to sleep.
And the naps I take can last long, when I’m really emotionally exhausted.
I love that when I take naps there is no one judging how I spend my time of telling me I am wasting it. Resting.
You know I used to be told that. So I didn’t rest much. And I was grumpy, irritable, mean and just plain …not myself. So I got out of that relationship.

Because I learned those naps were more about what He wasn’t doing, than what I wasn’t doing with my time. Hmmm… and I chose to move on , because rest is paramount. Being able to find it, cultivate it, and honor it became a precious way of sustaining my power. My internal power. Selah
And there are other things that help me sustain my power… like drinking tea before bedtime, just existing , by being wrapped up under covers; and having a meaningful conversation with a friend.

And lately it’s been just plain ole meditation and prayer…

(We’ve has great days…outside today. 82 degree weather in October!)

I really believe we often underestimate the value of rest and its rejuvenation of the soul. Take some time for you, choose in advance not to be moved or swayed by “what anyone else thinks”, and plan some down time! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside since this has been the most beautiful autumn ever!

Your soul will thank you for it!

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