Getting Old? …Or Growing?

So it’s only ten days away… yeah.

The closer my days get to being fifty, the less celebrated I feel. Yeah.

I know I should be elated, but I feel. As if my entire “Life ” is shifting.

Hey Transition!!👋🏾👋🏾

And it is there’s a lot of transition going on. Unexpected transition. As if my 50th year brought this unexpected change and shifting.

Don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of transition. In fact it makes me anxious. So I’ve had to intentionally monitor my steps in this season of my life and keep myself intentionally busy, and focused on gratefulness.

I think I’m doing a pretty good job, despite all. I’ve started “NthabiHappy” my little video series and coaching focus to help people notice and cultivate a sincerity with their happiness.

And here I am.

Still shifting.

I am eating a whole lot better; (because my body demands it, (or I get sick ) I take my multivitamins & my iron, ( or my energy wanes); and I am listening to this fifty year old bossy because IT KNOWS what I need. I am also practicing Sabbath once a week- because it’s the only thing that brings me balance in life; and I am exercising more. Walking daily, and also looking into a yoga class to calm this anxiety that was exponentially and overwhelmingly produced (when I didn’t pass my licensing exam by five points!) Yep.

Well, I’m working on it, so I applaud myself for working this hard on me. I’m worth it. But when do you ever get time to work on you, right?


Working on “you” should be just like brushing your hair, or your teeth; going grocery shopping; or getting your car maintenance completed. It’s ALL relative! And age fifty, or thirty or forty even, can be that beginning, of you plan to live another century, I suppose. Ha!☺️

Okay I have so many practices to share that I do, I really didn’t even recognize them as “Pursuing Me”; but wow.. you’re gonna love this series I have extended for My Fifty Days to 50 self-love ❤️ series!In case you’re wondering here’s what a little self-love looks like! I took this waiting for the sun to come up on my balcony, not long ago.

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