8. Oh Jesus…50!! #50DaysToFifty

FB489488-B3B2-45C1-99AC-3BE930B95659Yeah so when I was a little girl I really thought fifty was a big deal. I thought 50 year olds were old. When my mom turned fifty, I remember asking her questions like: “So how does it feel?” And she’d say: “Oh, it doesn’t feel much different than a year ago.” I could never see myself as almost or even near fifty, and if I did make it there, I thought it would be a miracle.

And so..
Now I am here.
And all the more WONDERFUL  that I am.
Amazing. I still haven’t figured out if LIFE slows down, or “I” just have slowed down a bit. I think it’s me.
Now I can seem to appreciate all that’s around me and even “value” differently if I want to. I still enjoy helping folk. I thought at some point in my life, that would become less interesting , and I wouldn’t want nor desire to be a social worker/ counselor/ mental health therapist , anymore.
But it didn’t change.
It just became a bit sweeter. And the job more refined. Feels good.
As I was writing this, I realized not everyone feels the same about getting older. Some are depressed, some are really just feeling awful about it, and others are just like : ” Can’t I just be 35 again?” I actually enjoy again. First of all, I can’t do anything to reverse it, and as long as I have a cool partner to hang with, I’m good.
Well, I just noticed that the reason I feel so good about gaining another year, and actually arriving here, is because I don’t take life for granted. I just really, really appreciate my life, my family, and my friends and all the fluff in between. I don’t have a lot of fluff, but it sure feels good to think like I can ‘create’ some fluff’, every now and then.
Here’ what’s wonderful about fifty:
  • The fact I can be myself. With no explanations.
  • The fact that I am ME. Purely Myself, and I like myself. And who I’m becoming.
  • The fact that life at this age, you kind of know what to expect. It doesn’t really get any easier, and it really doesn’t get any harder, either.
  • The fact that I have an empty nest, and have had one most of my life And it’s OK.
  • The fact that life is GOOD. I like keeping it simple, here.
  • The fact I have lived my life in such a way that I  look younger than 50; and  being quite content with that.
  • That all my nieces and nephews have grown up and I get to see what they’ve become.
  • The fact that I can see what miniatures of them look like, now as well.
  • The fact I can do #Netflix&chill …and be OK with just about a few eves a week.  ( Why do we put the words ‘Netflix and chill’, together?” ) (What’s that about?)  

I think my joy for living and helping others truly live and thrive – is what keeps me going. Someone, somewhere is often way worse off than I am, and I think it’s what keeps me going in the field in which I work, the life that I live, I know this. And I’m not doing all that bad, I guess.’

Again,   just so you know…  I  will be  writing  about   my  “fifty days to fifty” series until  I am done.  I’ll be  fifty a  while, so..  stay tuned. 😉


3 responses to “  8. Oh Jesus…50!! #50DaysToFifty”

  1. rrdavis09 Avatar

    I loved it!!! So special thoughts full of gratefulness! Hugs, hugs and happy blessed 50!!!


    1. Jennrene/ Pursuing Me. Avatar

      Thanks, Roxana. Appreciate the love!☺️👋🏾


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