I Am Enough Because I BELONG.


How many of us have them! ( I used to love that song the rapper sings and I used to love it so much I think because I actually loved having friends. ) Listen to the beat here I used to listen to in high school and tell me what you think.

To be honest, I keep my circles small. Yet I love every now and then to chat with a good friend and catch up.

Recently , a few friends and I started working on ¬†a ¬† project ¬†called : “Women Who Belong”. ¬† ¬†Oftentimes, women ¬†tend to not ¬†participate in group of women due to a lack of trust: or simply because they often ¬†believe they ¬†“don’t ¬†belong.” ¬†It hurts me when ¬†women are left out of the ¬†equation. ¬† ANY ¬† equation. ¬† Any ¬†relationship, ¬†any time they ¬†are hurting or ¬†sad because ¬†they ¬†were forgotten or ¬†sad ¬†about something or ¬†just wanted to belong to ¬†something and someone ¬† ¬†didn’t ¬†feel ¬†as if they were worth it, ¬†so they ¬†left them out.

I ¬†am ¬†also a ¬† very strong advocate ¬† against ¬†cliques. I’ve been hurt by them and I wish they were never even a thought. ¬†ÔŅľOften¬†without much consideration, people who create cliques, ¬†are often not aware they are in them. I also believe cliques ¬†are ¬†so demeaning. I wish everyone knew ¬†when they were being a part of one, though. ¬†Sadly enough, they dont.

Luckily, I am a girl who’s been kind of eccentric and figured out with time I could create my own communities.

I have found overtime that creating my own book clubs, my own writing groups and mentoring groups have just brought some really interesting women into my life, and cherished relationships I may have never found, otherwise.

They ¬†say ¬†cousins are our ¬†first ¬†friends. ¬†We love ¬†each other ¬†so unconditionally, because we ¬†are friends by the nature of being family, first. Recently, I been connected with a cousin-as -friend. And she’s really neat! She treated me to Wendy’s with her daughter and we had the best time catching up. Sometimes reaching out is not as complex as we make it to be. We just have to take a few risks. And of course, have a desire to “be”.



So here’s the deal about belonging:

1.It’s not complex. Just ask someone you like to spend some time with you, and if they don’t, keep asking til someone does!

2. What’s your hobby? Do you have other friends who like to do the same? Invite them over with the hobby to share. I have one friend who just likes a good movie every now and then. So that’s what we do go watch a good movie.

3. Try http://www.Meetup.com. It’s a major network online that connects people with¬† their hobbies and¬† interests. It¬† has been a place where I’ve showcased my awesome writer groups, ¬†and found interesting people ¬†desire to blend in, visit, laugh and share. If you’re not the ‘leader-type’ , try ¬†out a group that’s already existing, and find your hobby.

4. FInd a  group to belong to in the community. Libraries always have good symposiums and  showcase things happening in the community. Get out a visit them! See what you like and say hello to someone or ask a friend to go with you!


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