Leaving My Home In Tulsa… & Making Embracing ” My 1st Home in N.Y.” …

IMG_20170801_192926438_HDR-EFFECTS-01-01Simply being this summer.. at home (in Rochester, NY), this summer was amazing.

Even when I just simply sat at home -in the home where I was born- and watched TV with my dad or stayed up late with my mother, I felt like I was in Nirvana.

20374645_10211398725136119_1910213501644863060_nThere were a few beautiful ‘movie moments’ and even some time to stop and  actually spend time dancing and being silly like we were living back in the 1920’s. The women in my family are kind of sassy, have loads of personality, and care. A lot. Sometimes too much, but they’re definitely all kinda cute.

My definite highlight was going to the beach with my sister. It was her idea, because she knows I love the water.

She is much more of an artist than I…I think in recent years I may have caught up with her, though…


Darryl is a photographer , too. Perhaps we got this great gift from our father. We become excited about capturing highlights on water or in the air or even with people.

My nearly 80 year-old Mama got all dolled -up  for a 20’s Birthday Bash, and blew my mind with her outfit! Yes she did! And her boyfriend didnt look too bad either!


And last but not least… I got to spend a lil time with our latest angel in the Cox family…

Lil Deion.❤


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