6. #50DaysToFifty: Joy At 50. Do Your Hearts Work.

IMG_20170826_222550Ava Duvernay inspires me. As I get older and wiser, I look to women like her, to inspire me. Strong, Powerful Black Woman, who doesn’t forget the skin she’s in.  That has brought to light (on film) what the discrepancies are that exist between Blacks and Whites (in the Netflix movie 13th); and even giving insight as to why those disparities exist.

I’ve been contemplating on My Hearts Work, lately. Then one day on Instagram, Ava spoke to it.

Ava says: “‪Before I was able to be a full-time filmmaker, I was a weekend warrior. Writing and shooting whenever I could. ” I would say: “It’s Saturday. Do your heart’s work!”. #onward xo”

When I was young, I  used to want to be a librarian.  My dad was a librarian for over  thirty  years.  When I  was little, my first memories acquainted with work was going to  work with dad, and mom.   I  would  ride with my dad on the Bookmobile,  and   travel to communities   giving out  books to  the elderly, at  nursing homes, and  also  community  centers and  other fun places where kids  hung out.  It was awesome I learned how to  check out  books so well,  I decided I would work at the library for a while, and  it was one of my first jobs!  with mom,  she was a  teacher, so  going  to work with her and  her classroom and on   field trips, was the norm!  It was  exciting… but I knew I didn’t want to be   a  teacher.  I did want to   work with  kids in some  capacity, but I wasn’t sure how.  I  did like seeing them achieve,    and pouring on the  accolades.

Well… I  didn’t  quite become  the librarian, but in college ,  it was always my work study  choice.  ALWAYS.   Not  because it was  easy, it was   quiet.  and I loved   quiet, and I also loved  reading and  researching.  So it was fun.  I   had  many    libraries where I  rejoiced  in complete   quiet and  did my  job.  Quietly.  I know   — total introvert, right?  Yep.

But mom’s  job  did  sort of    rub off on me.  I became a  social worker and  guess where my longest running   job was?  In a  elementary  school.  I did some high school in there , too.  Loved working with kids  as a social worker.   They loved me too.  Kids are so unconditional.   They are also very  faithful when you love on them.  Love that about kids.   I  was able to  mark this part of my life as a  legacy  leaver. I wanted to  absolutely   impact kids lives, but I also wanted to  be  one who impacted their parents, all the more.    And  so….  I became a counselor to  and for  families.  In the substance abuse and addictions  field.  That’s where I am  now.   I am sort of loving helping moms  to  reconnect with their  children.  After years of neglect.  Helping restore those families.  Not sure if you know   this about me, but I am  a child of  an alcoholic.   Been there.  Done that.     Up  until the age of eleven.  My  family  went  through some things that were rather challenging.  But  God….

My job…It’s  rather rewarding and its  also very  cathartic.    Kind of  cleansing.   Purifying work.   Yeah… that’s it.  It helps me feel …”full”.     I  guess  that’s JOY,  huh?  Awesome.  Guess  I’ve  come full circle.  This kind of  restoration is paramount in making me who   I am, and  who  also I will be  in the future.   I   dont have biological  children,  but I do have step  children who need  restoration.   To a   natural father and   biological one.  Yes, indeed.  And I am  ready  to   work it out.

So yeah..soon I’ll be 50 and I want to be known as a’ legacy leaver’ of  Joy. I want to be one who pursued my dreams and people said the followed and found the same. I will keep dreaming as long as I live. If there where God has inspired me most with my dreams.❤ He has made the hardest one, come true. And turned it into a forever memory.

Surely , He can do more than this.

I’m in expectation.

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