Spending Time At Home – As Friends.

When I was little, I used to spend time making friends. I cared so much about people. When my sister’s and brothers boyfriends and girlfriends cam over I’d hang, too.

When in elementary school, the people others didn’t like, I would befriend them. They could see too, that I liked them. I never had a reason for people to not really like me. I made friends wherever I could. Recently, I met one friend again this week, who was a friend for a while but then was the only fight I had in my lifetime.

I walked up to her and hugged her, and lo’ and behold …days later, I realized it was her! ( She said she didn’t recall me, but I beg to differ.) 

So…spending time at home has been enlightening and yet a blessing. I had a detour before coming home to Rochester, New York. I had a chance to spend time with friends I had not seen in quite some time, in Syracuse, New York . It was so relaxing to experience their company once again.

I have so many memories from living in Syracuse for 13 years, and then in Rochester, most of my life. Approximately 24 years. I really didn’t come back after college. I didn’t want to. I am still such an adventurist. I have friends all over: New York Maryland Texas Oklahoma…and every experience with them has been intriguing.  Family has been friends, and friends have been my family.

I love this new definition of family, because I sincerely believe that’s how God intended it. I believe none of us were ever meant to live alone.isolated or to be without resource, and friendships help us to find that refuge.

Kendall & Jenn

I have found friendships that give back, are the true friendships. When your girl contacts you, when you least expect it to say hello. When she calls and tells you she loves you for no reason at all.🌼 When she says -” let’s stay in touch, at the drop of a dime, even when your plane is stuck in Syracuse, and you didn’t quite intend for that to happen, but she doesn’t care .😊 She’s willing to let you crash there.

My friends have become family.

And I thank God our wounds have been what bonded us together. Beth Moore recently shared this: “You can’t have the wonders with out the wounds and the wounds without the wonders!” Yet I say the wounds brings true friends and shows the beauty of what you truly have in those friendships. So today, I thank God for those ‘bumpy roads’.  They have proven to be durable memorials in terms of bonding with my bonds with my close buddies.❤

Alane & Jenn


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