5. Missing babies… My #50daystofifty series…

So one of the blessings of being almost 50 is I get to enjoy all the babies without bringing them all home. I guess Auntie’s are good for that, huh?

Awesome, right?

I have never had the pleasure of having children born from my own womb, so I just borrow other’s babies..but indeed, like the Bible says: “Children are a heritage of the Lord.” If God Himself sees them as a treasure and investment,  then we should as  well. Nothing is more beautiful than having a beautiful little one to hold and be silly with in your older years.

I remember when I was little, the people I recall as being most kind and patient with me as a child, is those who were older and had nice, warm smiles and cuddled you close with lots of warmth.

I am very proud to say, now, that’s me.

Yes…now I’m that warm welcoming smile and cuddle my niecy-poo remembers as I wrap her in my swaddling arms and smile with lots of hugs and kisses just for her, and him.

Yes, she remembers that.

And often times I am so surprised she does since she doesn’t see me everyday. Ten I think back to being small and who did that for me. I used to want to be just like my Aunt Dawn and my Aunt Mamie when it came to welcoming my babies, because that’s what they did for me: made me feel I was the ‘most special one’.

So fifty is a special place, just for this reason.


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