Day 1 : Fifty. #50DaysToFifty

So I have been taking a series of photo shots  and microblogging as it   relates  to  ne  turning fifty,  this year.  Then I realized the photos   alone, were not  enough.  Yes, they speak, but there’s so much more to say.

Some  of those  photos are pretty spectac… and   the others ..well, they are just me,  being me.  I like the  feel of almost being fifty. It’s been rather contemplative, reflective and solemn.

It means I can  sit on my porch at  ‘dark thirty’  and just sit outside and be me.

I like the  freedom involved  at   50 to of myself. I’ve heard several say at fifty, ‘ you just become more relaxed and less matters.’ I find myself at fifty – yes, being more relaxed but also feeling more mature. In mind, body and spirit. The best way to describe it is just feeling as if I take time for internal rest.

I am beginning to think I know  what it means to be myself, too. To feel comfortable in my own skin. Over the years I’ve struggled with relationships – mostly friendships, being that I’ve moved so much in my adult life. I’ve had awesome friends but then had to leave them, as I aspired for ventures that offered me a better career and  more time being closer to family. There’s been a lot of sacrifice. All for great reasons. However, at fifty, there’s a retreating to “what’s right”, to and​  for the soul.

I feel more luxurious, at fifty. It means  at fifty, I can just   sip some tea on a  nice evening  on the patio  in the  am, because it feels so good to just have fresh  air and tea ‘ mixed together.’

Or it may mean I get to   take an extra  nap on a  quiet, wet and rainy morning or afternoon .

Sometimes it means  I  get to listen to my  thoughts, in absolute silence​.

And laugh as I ponder over my favorite  photos of my  nieces and nephews.

As I allow them to simmer,  and  I can just meditate on  being grateful.

Thoughtless,  musings  …grateful ponderings,  simmerings of  tea and a good spirit of  nothingness…  yea  that’s  what it means to be  50.


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