pursue family.

How is this …on my blog about pursuing me?
perhaps because it reflects family.
and i really, really love families.

I love how we create that cultural  magic.

and just shine.

our inner lights  reflecting our joy –

and our  love for one another.



how we groove.

how we move.

how we  find healing

how we  find hope.


how we search for one another . how we embrace one another.

how we love. it’s all so different and complex.

i love my own family because they are purely in love with each other.
it makes my heart  full to see us interact and love on one another.

being with, and seeing one another fully…


mom and dad are getting older. I love them so.. hard to imagine a  life without them.

they have always been here.

i will cherish them while I can.


indeed. cousins that look alike and should be siblings in another life… are just awesome to have around…

7 responses to “pursue family.”

  1. ladecreations Avatar

    Beautiful Jennifer! Our love of family is deep…it makes us who wr are…patient, loving, kind -spirited. Thank you for sharing your life lens!💜

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    1. Jennrene/ Pursuing Me. Avatar

      Indeed . Would love to share from your life lens, as well


  2. Kim Stenson Powell Avatar
    Kim Stenson Powell

    I love this! Family love is the best and definitely shouldn’t be taken for granted. We are extremely blessed and I am grateful.
    I love the photos.

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    1. Jennrene/ Pursuing Me. Avatar

      Thanks Kim. I love you for all you are to our Family!


    2. Jennrene/ Pursuing Me. Avatar

      Thanks cousin!… what we have is beautiful


    3. Jennrene/ Pursuing Me. Avatar

      Me too Kim🙌🏾
      Grateful for how you’ve influenced my life. Thanks for being here😋


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