Some of My Best Photos & Memories….

It’s so odd how…

Some of my best pictures have permanent memories  and ‘records’ in my head… of me being taken out of my environment, into another realm of being and doing, transplanted to another part of the earth and helps me see a greater part and the ‘spiritual’  part  of who I am.

I love to travel. It’s no secret. With most of these photos… I was experiencing life on a very meaningful level, in everyone of these pictures and some type of MAJOR growth was happening in that very moment.

Maybe that’s why I love photography and I get so much out of it. It speaks without opening its mouth. Speaks so permanently and profoundly.

But on the inside. In my heart, my mind and my soul.
I am going to be working a photo task this year, and I am excited about it, although I am expecting that it will challenge me, I am a little nervous that it happens all YEAR LONG. So that means I have to be CONSISTENT.  *  (Mind you …. this WAS  – –gonna be my word, then I  chickened out.. so I will keep it on the sideline and refer to it, when I have “fully embraced” life to the umpteenth degree and you can see I am not hiding any longer…)

If you are gonna be consistent, why not then BE: one who EMBRACES consistency, right?

a big HUGE  HA!

Well, the God’s honest truth is… most of these photos were taken  RIGHT here in  Tulsa  Oklahoma.  And just for the record,  I WAS on a JOURNEY…. I  really BIG one, too.  Smile.

I don’t know how you  feel about the  journeys in life that  wind up taking you “further ” than you may have ever imagined…. but  this girl right here… has decided to work on my ONE WORD   for the past three  years and BOY…!  Have I been  stretched!

 2015 was Endure.

2016 was  Conquer.

 2017 … is Embrace.

All three of these words  take me some place.   To stories in my life journey that mesmerize me ;   stretch me a little more,  cause me to  contemplate,  and  show me who I really am.  … And in these past few years , that has been  almost  inevitable.  See,.. though I am now a very strong advocate of  “choosing words”  that honor and  embrace the journey,  I  don’t believe I pick these words. I believe THEY PICK ME.

And so it is… I should have  wrote down how I had it confirmed…. but I literally heard  the word  EMBRACE over w three hour period… at least it seemed that way…. so I said :YES.

I WILL.  and she stayed here.

 So I guess we are  sort of partna’s for the next  360 days!

Amen & Selah.

Oh.. and you can guarantee ‘the pictures’ will follow in   2017 as well…





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