Caught Up in Silence.

Today I got kinda caught up. I had forgotten about my writing. That space where I seem to love creating.

I was in the middle of a week that was going on six days of pure sickness. I hated it. And right before Christmas! (Forget about shopping!…Okay?) In fact I can’t even recall the last day I even had time to embrace real quiet. I’ve been really keeping track, this time. I was beginning to like what I was experiencing,  …fully. Then,  all of a sudden, out of know where…a silent bomb falling bomb of the sky…out of  nowhere, it just happened.


I really enjoy the Netflix series, The Fosters. It’s really cool. It’s a really good series on television about a foster family trying to make it work. Families are my thing. I have a dream of working with families forever. I want to help a  ‘slew’ of families thrive – and help make them better and stronger, even in their communities. And of course, I always want to check off on my list of how ‘realistic’ the foster family is on this show, because I work with them in real life, of course. c. I find the writers to be pretty adept and realistic in their research. I was sitting there one moment ‘caught up”  in the rapture of the storyline, and then…nothing.

At first, I was like:” I have to finish this series…”and then of course…Silence captured me, between shows. I love that blank pause that offers room for more. I love to fill it with ideas and words and stretch that space with more excitement and overwhelm of good thoughts.

 Who knows what I may create next?

So I take on the challenge, and I rise to the occasion. I listen to silence and what it teaches me and speaks to my heart and how it molds me into this  ‘creative creature’ that I am with a vast imagination.

And so I take time and break for those moments of suspense, and I wrap myself lovingly in its Embrace❤…as I write.

 And by the way, that’s my word for 2017. Embrace.

I guess it’s started, huh? 😉

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