No Longer A Wounded Soldier.

9/2013 (written initially)

One day, I was in the woods, and I freed my soul.

I really cannot recall the exact  ‘wounded soldier story’; but perhaps this one fits.

I went to an awesome retreat a few months back, maybe ten months ago  and  did some soul work. I came back feeling so invigorated.

It was in the fall. It had begun to get cool in the mornings, and I was  trying to rejuvenate my soul. I was soul-weary. Just tired. The kind of tired you can be when  no one else can understand it, kind of tired.

During the  retreat, I noticed the weariness of my soul. I didn’t quite know it was weary til I really took the time to pull away and spend time on myself. Alone.

Yet observing Self.

Well, if you read the story above, you will understand the  place where I was.

Sometimes, our souls can become weary because of ourselves. We then find ourselves without aid or assistance even we are really in a hard place.

I never want to be there, ever again.

So we were given this exercise on the retreat asking us to nurture and care for our wounded soldier by walking out into the woods and comforting her. Taking time to  empathize with her and tell her that she had every right to protect this space inside of her and  to stop fighting fires and putting out other battles but to learn to fight our own battle, and not feel quilty or alone any  more  about doing it. So  sympathize and empathize with our need for compassion and herald the battles we have fought, but also  congratulate ourselves for a job well done. And for having the COURAGE to endure.

We were encouraged to take time to HEAL.

And I made a declaration in the woods, that day that I would  build my own fortress and support my own cause and begin to  herald my own work before I supported another’s cause.

And I  was set free.

Like a bird, I flew that day in the woods.

Since that day, many things have been born. And I am grateful.

So even if you don’t have time, today, read that story,  ( either here, or above).

And herald your own cause, fight your own battle, and save yourself.

You’re so worth it.

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