High Time for ‘Getting Away Time’!

So last weekend I did this…

Walking the path.

I went with a very special friend to Robber’s Cave, a small woods and cabin retreat in Wilburton, OK. It was all of two hours away and just a nice get away for the fall weather. It really brought back memories about being with my Mom , Dad and siblings when I was very small and feeding the raccoons. Funny how memories fade, until they are renewed again.

My cousin Kim, spoke to me about saying “Yes” to things you enjoy doing over the holiday, and I wouldn’t shake me. I knew this retreat was what would get me back on track with my writing after a long, dry spell.

Friends…How many of us have them?



I got away with a friend to focus on writing. It was a mini-writing  retreat, but so much fun to do this with a friend. Friendship has always been this ambiguous kind of relationship for me, since I’ve been in Oklahoma. I’m not sure why, but instead of complaining about it, I decided to finally DO something about it. It’s was Kristi’s idea, but what a good one!

We ate  shrimp and scallops and grilled outside and I found out and remembered I could really grill food!

And now, I know I HAVE to just go ahead and buy a grill. I love grilling so much.


Kristi is the cook and I am the griller person, I guess….but I’ll get better. Here was one thing In was really good at…and that was, taking pictures. My love for photography was renewed and re-established. Not sure where all this went, over the past few months, but I was so glad to get away again and find myself in fun.

More than anything, I think this was confirmation of my word for 2017: EMBRACE.

Many  to my friend Kristi and God …for the love of nature, and Kim, for helping me to say YES.



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  1. Aww…mine too! Thanks for your quick response!😊✌


  2. This is going into my scrapbook! What a lovely time!

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